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Book to be named later
This book is about a paranormal school. I f you do comment please comment with name for the book!!!
Ch. One
Ch. 1
It was like any other day. I was barely awake walking through my classes. I would listen to my friend, Holly, babble about something incoherent relating to a cute vampire or were- fill in the blank. Occasionally mention a pixie here or there. I would doodle in class, answer questions, and think about my school. Then I would daydream of my superstar crush, Justin Bieber.
Maybe I should explain the vampire and were part. Maybe the pixie part to. You see this school isn’t a boarding school, college, high school, middle school, or any real type of school. It is a ‘magic’ school. Around the nineteenth century monsters, or inhuman creatures, appeared. Along with them schools appeared in every state, county or parish or whatever. In the school was everything you would need to be fully educated about monsters or the inhuman. How the school works is that the first drop of any substance inhuman that becomes fully concentrated into an atom inside of a human body, that body would be magically transported to one of the many schools around your country but never in your original town. Here you will taught about what you might become. Nobody knows what you are. Now thanks to modern technology they can tell but they still won’t tell you not even after you transform. Oh and it doesn’t matter what age you are you could be one hundred and have to wait twenty-five years until you transform. Or you can be like me came here when you were three and now you’re fifteen and you still didn’t transform living in Chicago. Too bad no one in history had that happen to them. Also every living creature that is in our modern life, are basically monsters. (Even though normal people aren’t aware that they exist. Also you know all of those missing people reports that nobody seems to solve or find. They are always here given a new name so that nobody could find out who they are. This place is also invisible.)Here’s a list. Vampires, weres, pixies, fairies of any sort, and physics (Not those phony ones at the circus).
“Lillith, Lillith Blanchard are you listening to meh?” Lydia asked with a high pitch voice.
“No, no I am not Lydia Collins. Anyway when did you get here and when did it start raining?”
“Ha ha your sarcasm does not touch me. I got here five minutes ago and it started raining five hours ago.”
“I wasn’t being sarcastic. And really I must really be out of it,” I said.
Lydia nodded to me making her waist long hair sway. This month her hair was died jet black like mine with fire hydrant red about five inches above the tips all the way down and four inches down from the very roots of her hair. It was straightened too. She was wearing a black hoodie with dark blue jeans and red high-tops.
“Hey do you think I should keep this hair?” Lydia said giving me a skeptical look.
“Yeah totally.”
“Frowny face, angry face, frowny face, angry face,” Holly said as she walked up to us her short light tan brown hair
drenched through with water. She hates the rain while I on the other hand love the rain even in the middle of November. She was rubbing her temples with her middle and index fingers with her eyes closed. A deep scowl was set on her lips. Her mascara was running down her pale face. She was shivering so much she looked like a washing machine. She was wearing white tights, a light blue Minnie skirt, and a white thin long sleeve shirt with a light blue under shirt over it.
“What is the matter?” Lydia asked.
“Shhhh, we aren’t allowed to talk that loudly even if we are on break for the rest of the day,” I said attempting to get her quiet. She slowly opened her eyes to reveal the contact of the day. White a sky blue rim. She always changed her had a different contact in and rarely lets her real eye color out.
“Hey can we stop chatting and get to the dorms already,” Lydia suggested the growing aggravation clearly stated on her tan face. Her brown eyes getting antsy.
“Sure let’s go!” Heather said as she skipped by. Heather’s orange red shoulder length hair bobbing up and down as she headed for the dormitories. I shrugged and followed Heather.
As we entered the dorm we all entered the pass code since boys and girls can’t be trusted they have a pass code for each dorm building. The pass code for, mine and theirs, the main girls dorm is 5637.
I went into the kitchen and got a Dr.Pepper to guzzle down.
“Lil can you get meh a bowl of Funyuns pah-leasse?” Lydia called out from the living room.
“Sure but I am not ya’ll servants!”I hollered back. I walked over to the pantry and grabbed a bag of Funyuns and a bowl from the cabinet. I opened up the bag and poured the Funyuns into the bowl. I walked back into the living room and handed her the bowl.
I took a quick swig before asking, “What did I miss?”
Heather answered even though I was looking at Lydia, “Holly is gonna have a vision.”
Holly is physic. Physic like she has visions. Visions of stuff that will change her enemies, friends, and/or her life. Not how but what will. For example I win a convertible. Because of the convertible I get a rich boyfriend who proposes. If that only happened because of the car she would see me winning the car.
Lydia fished out a pen and a notebook from her backpack so she could write down what Holly says. Heather just sat in her plush bean bag chair fidgeting with the cuffs she had to attach to Holly’s wrist that way she couldn’t run out or swing at us because that is what she does when she has a vision. Holly sat there twitching making her green bean bag chair vibrate. I sat right next to her in my velvety sapphire blue bean bag chair that matched my eyes. Apparently I help her calm down or something. It has something to do with my energy never being buzzed or jumpy.
Holly stopped twitching and started vibrating. I put my hand on her shoulder and she stopped vibrating all together and slumped back down. Her eyes slammed opened as her eyes rolled back in her head as if she was watching a power point that was projected in the inside of her brain.
“F- Five n-new people-e-e. F-four bo-oys. O-one girl. A-a-animals,” Holly said. And with one last final twitch she passed out.
Lydia wrote everything down before saying, “There can’t be transfers. It’s the middle of November. And what the hell does she mean by animals?”
“How am I suppose to know?” me and Heather said in union.
“Well, it could be weres?”Heather said.
“Or Holly could’ve lost her mind and had just said animals because she thought my hand was a fluffy kitten. Now that makes sense,” I said. They burst out laughing at what I said.
“How ‘bout we bring her up to her dorm,” Lydia suggested.
“Kay kay,” Heather said. I just shrugged my shoulders and went for Holly’s legs when Heather and Lydia went for the rest of her. Just then Holly came to. She slowly opened her eyes to reveal her true eye color. Hot pink with a navy blue rim.
“Raven Spooner, Chris Bosie, Alec Tyler, Camren Davis, Kori Laddle. I have no idea how I know this,” Holly said in a rush as she ran to the kitchen and made herself a peanut butter malt. I went into the kitchen to stop her from drinking the malt.
“Holly you know you can’t eat anything after visions for at least an hour or you get really sick.”
“So I don’t care!” She shouted back.
“But I do,” I said. I reached for the pencil lying on the counter and threw it across the room at the Styrofoam cup.
“Bull’s-eye!” I shouted when it hit the cup popping it. She pulled the pencil out letting the gooey liquid come out.
“Hey! No fair!” she squealed. She put the cup in the sink and got some paper towels to wipe up the mess on the ground.
“Anyway you are fifteen you shouldn’t be acting like this,” I said. Gosh I sound like a mother. Once she finished I threw away the cup and rinsed away the last of the peanut butter malt.
“Ughh, I gonna go up to my dorm kay guys,” she said. She walked out the kitchen with a wave of her hand as if to dismiss what had just happened. She walked down the hall and took a left where the elevator is.
“Hey get in the chat room when you make it up there, Holly!” Lydia shouted. Ya see Lydia is a kind of computer wizard when it comes to setting up websites and all. But, nothing else that is technology related. So she made a chatting website for us only, and anyone who wanted to join. All they had to do was register and what to be approved by us. We rarely approve anybody besides ‘Bin’ people. We approve other people to but not a lot.
Maybe I should explain the ‘Bin’ part. Heather, Lydia, Holly, and me created names for the girls at my school. Like a type of people, cliché, or group. Stuff like that.
Let’s start from the lowest group possible to be in. The one I’m in. The ‘Bin’. Like the recycle bin file on your computer. People who are in the ‘Bin’ have been rejected by all of the other groups. We are unique and have the sweetest kindest possible heart ever imagined. But, we are afraid to get involved with everything. Afraid of all of the rejection we know all too well. Afraid that we won’t be rejected but not liked what-so-ever just … just accepted. We all start in the very top of the school chain. The problem is that we have a heart. So, we are automatically demoted to the next highest. We accidently do something to show how we really are. Some of that level doesn’t mind, the rest hate us. For example, Holly, she started here and had crystal blue contacts. She didn’t tell anyone about her being physic so when she had a vision one day her contacts popped. Nobody wanted someone who ‘lied’. What’s got me pissed out is that they think that she was a lier. She didn’t lie she just didn’t mention it. So, anyway she got demoted automatically to the ‘Bin’. Lydia dyed her hair the second day and they wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t zebra stripes. Heather came to be in the ‘Bin’ by defendin’ one of us. Me I was perfect for the top. Perfect sapphire eyes, wonderful loose black curls and a perfect body. I screwed up by losin’ my temper with them so I was demoted. All the way.
Next is the second lowest. The one most people are in. The backgrounds. Like the back ground people in the movies. They may have their own life and their own drama and their own problems. But, nobody really actually cares. That may sound cruel but, the truth it’s always that way. It’s not gonna change. People in the background usually know everybody. I can promise anybody and everybody that I am not exaggerating. Normal people is all they are. Holly wanted to call them Cameleans but we out voted it. Some of them are so freakin’ annoying. Seriously they are the second most annoying people on this very green Earth. For instance ,Maddeline , this really annoying quiet background that thinks that she knows everything about everything. So, whenever someone gets an answer wrong in class she will raise her hand and say the correct one. Not really annoying at first but when she does it to you you will want to scream your head off.
Now we have come to the second highest. The dolls. Like the baby dolls that little girls play with. They are nice and soft. The dolls are the ones that are popular but they have an actual heart. And that is the reason they aren’t a Barbie. Because even though they hang out with them they are downgraded because, well, they are actually nice and don’t make fun of people for the fun of it. They are willing to be friends with anyone and everyone below their ranking as long as no one finds out. Like this girl, Britt Hanson, she’s my friend. Even though I usually don’t have friends that are ditsy blondes but I couldn’t help it. She was too likeable. And no offense attended to the blondes out there in the world. But yes I do stereotype people. I also talk to myself in my mind like people are actually there. I am crazy. And that is just an understatement.
And finally last and certainly the bitchest. The Barbies. Cold, heartless, and cheap. Yep I said it they are cheap. They are like a Barbie doll no joke. They are cold. Because we all should know that Barbie dolls are cold when you play with them most of the time they are cold. They are heartless. Whoever of a Barbie having a heart. Seriously they are toys and that is all they will ever be. Offense attended. They are cheap. Aren’t Barbies all sluts? Of course they are. That is why in a normal High School they date the quarterbacks. Because quarterbacks don’t like to pay a lot of money. So they get the cheap girls. This girl, Ashley Rootle, got pregnant from a member of the Jackers gang. She still doesn’t know who the father is. And yes she went to this school.
“Okay!” Holly shouted back bringing me out of my mental explanation.
“I don’t trust her,” Heather said. She turned to us and crossed her arms. She raised her eyebrow and shifted her weight to one foot.
“Neither do I. We all know that she has that mini fridge in her room,” I said skeptically. I swiped my hands through my hair and went in the kitchen bringin’ all of the dirty dishes into the kitchen.
I am your basic neat freak. Unless it involves my room. Then I become a slob.
“I’m gonna go upstairs and work on meh homework. Either I finish algebra homework and pass or I don’t do it and fail. You guys know that I am bad when it comes to finishing homework,” Lydia said. She swished her hair around and headed upstairs
“Check up on Holly! Make sure she ain’t eatin’!” I hollered.
“I am gonna go head upstairs and change. Okay?” Heather said.
“Mhmm,” I sounded. And with that I was alone in the main room. I sat down on the worn-out silver couch. Sigh.
I was exhausted. I don’t know why though. It isn’t like I was running track or just got back from a day at Barnes & Noble. Yes, I work there. Maybe being single makes you exhausted. Or staying strong when nothing is right and everything is wrong.
I heard a door open and close and a few footsteps in my direction.
“Ms.Blanchard. Get up,” a familiar voice said.
“Mr.Rito?” I asked rolling over. Yep it was him. My literature teacher with his shiny head and polka dot bow tie.
“Yes get up.”
“No.” We had our right, the students, to smart mouth a teacher. No matter where you are from. Because some people were ripped from everything they knew and loved. And here is the good part. They can’t punish us for it.
I never expected him to just take my arm and pull me away.
“What are you doing?” I asked trying to rip my arm free.
“Need to escort a new student coming here. You are in charge of just one of them,” he said not loosening his grip. We headed out of the door and towards the parking lot.
“But I don’t want to,” I said trying to free my wrist again. Then the puzzle pieces snapped together. And I stopped walking willingly. The vision. I was going to escort one of the new students. One of the ones from the vision.
“Are there five of them?” I asked.
“No six. One of them just came in today,” Mr.Rito said giving me a jerk to make me walk again. Well that threw me off. Then when Mr.Rito made his decision to pick me Holly had a vision of it. Then Holly had a vision on the stairs on her way up. She could have killed herself. And no one would’ve have known. Until someone took the stairs
“Holly!” I shrieked suddenly worried sick.
“Do you think I am gonna kill you? All I’m doing is bringing you to the airplane,” Mr.Rito said. He shoved me inside of the black car. I tried to calm myself down. I don’t even know how I got like this. I was acting like he was going to rape me. He got in and started the car. He started to drive. I looked out of the window and watched the background go blurry. I settled in the backseat of the car as I felt the mood changed in the car. It was like something had come and took away my worries of Holly.
Sccreeeccch. The tires squealed to a stop as we reached the Chicago airport. I opened up the car door and got out. I looked around saw an old lady hugging her grandchildren, a newly married couple heading to the airport doors hurriedly to get out of the Chicago wind, and a sixteen year old boy sitting on a bench waiting for someone to come get him.
“There he is Ms.Blanchard. His name is Jason Skylar,” Mr.Rito said pointing to the boy on the bench. He gave me a shove towards him.
“Jeez can you be a bit nicer and less brutal?” I asked skeptically.
“No I can’t. You and Jason are going to be walking back. Got it?”
“Got it,” I said back. I huffed out a gush of air. I started to walk towards Jason when a red convertible Kia almost hit me. Holy s**t! Where in the hell did that car come from. I walked towards Jason and this time I didn’t get almost run over. When I got to Jason and he stood up.
“You are the guide?” he asked.
“Yeah I am. I am Lillith Blanchard,” I said.
“And I am Jason Skylar.”
“So, what are you? A were, pixie, physic?” he asked.
“I don’t know. I didn’t transform yet. But, my friend is physic,” I said. I went to grab one of his bags to help him out.
“No touchy. I have secrets,” Jason said.
“I have secrets of my own,” I said. Backing away slowly with my hands up. Boy did I have secrets of my own.
“So, where is this school?” he asked.
“That a way,” I said pointing, “Hey, quick question. Where are you transferring from?”
“None of your business.”
“Okay. Let’s go downtown. We can eat at Giordano’s Pizzeria. They have an awesome stuffed spinach pizza.”
“Should we order a cab?”
“Call, should we call a cab.”
“Nobody is perfect.”
“You must not have ever ridden in a cab.”
“True dat!”
“You came from New Orleans didn’t you?” I exclaimed laughing. I didn’t know why but it felt like a laughing moment. And surprisingly enough he laughed too.
“Yes I come from New Orleans. The Big Easy! Where you corner without finding a shrimp lot!” he said laughing.
“What exactly is a shrimp lot?” I asked cocking my head at him before giggling.
“It’s like a place where you would go to buy ummm seafood. In pounds and stuff like that,” he said. Combing his fingers through his jet black hair.
“Ohh that sounds…. Yummy?” I said or asked or whatever. He burst out laughing.
“Yummy? Really?” he asked.
“Yes really. I like me some seafood.”
“Bet you will until you eat some fried guts because it ain’t cleaned good enough.”
“Ewww! That sounds ewwy!”
“Ewwy?” Laugh, laugh, laugh, and more laughs.
“Let’s take the subway,” I suggested after we stopped laughing.
“Giordano’s pizza?”
“Oh yeah right. Um sure.” We started to walk towards the subway.
“Let’s play tensies,” he said.
“How do you play tensies?” I asked.
“Hold your hands up fully extended. And we will each ask embarrassing questions. And each time either one of us answer yes you put a finger down. The person who has all fingers down wins,” he explained.
“Okay. Sounds easy enough let’s play.”
“I’ll go first. Let’s see. Oh I got it! Have you ever kissed the ground because your crush walked on it?”
“Nope, I ain’t the worshipping type.”
“Yes I have. But I am not the worshipping type either. It was a dare.”
“Yeah sure it was.” We got in line for the subway.
“Have you ever lost your underwear in a hotel room?”
“No, have you?” he asked.
“Yes, I was just waking up and I couldn’t find them.”
“Umm. How does this work?” he asked pointing.
“Hard to explain. Just read the directions right here.”
“Okay.” He read what it said as I entered the subway station. I went to read the map to see what train we needed to take.
“Thanks for abandoning me,” Jason said tapping on my shoulder. I screamed. s**t! He scared the hell out of me.
“Don’t sneak up on me like that! I didn’t abandon you. I left you to learn,” I said. He looked at me quizzically with his deep green eyes.
“Ohh so you left me to learn?” he asked.
“Exactly!” I said. I walked towards the right subway tunnel leaving him looking at me. I looked down for some reason. I was probably looking at my lime green converses. Smack! I walked into a pole. And fell down.
“Ow.” I said. I reached my hand up and rubbed my forehead. I looked at my hand no red stuff. I gingerly got up and felt really dizzy. I felt the back of my head. Nothing there either.
“Are you okay?” someone asked.
“Umm sure why wouldn’t I be?” I turned around. That someone was Jason.
“Ya walked into a pole,” he said, “Let me have a look.”
“No it’s fine. Don’t touch me.” He still took my head and looked at it.

To be cont...

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    Slander N Nicotine
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    Fri Feb 05, 2010 @ 02:56am

    cool story. i like it so far

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