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Mostly songs and random thoughts or stories. I might post some sort of anime ideas here...photos too.
More like a poem rather than a song
I wrote a song about Abortion and I must say...I'm pretty traumatized now...I've learned each and every way the Fetus can be extracted from the womb during the Abortion. I've even found out some startling new ways they are killing off babies. This is like the Holocaust. If you think about it these Abortion Centers are like Death Camps for fetus'.
One of the methods they use is by Anesthesia Sedation or something like that. Anesthesia Sedation is an option for either first and second trimester procedures. With sedation, the woman is unconscious during the procedure (5 to 15 minutes) and afterward she has no memory of the events. Or I even think they allow it for the third trimester now too because now they are injecting some sort of syrum into the fetus and it slowly kills the child and they leave the ALIVE baby in a room to use up all of its strength trying to breathe but eventually dies. But they still use the Anesthesia Sedation...Or did I just read it wrong..?
I dunno.

Well, here is my lame excuse for a song:

Child growing inside of me
Do you hear the abortionist's friendly voice?
I have decided to make an awful choice
From the moment you were conceived
I have been hoping you would leave
Do not worry for your time to go is near
For I wish to see you sear.

I feel the forcep grasp my limbs
Twisting...tearing...My grasp on life dims.
This agonizing torment
I will endure it with resent
Untill my body has reached its full extent.

Unborn child of mine
I wish for you to comprehend that with this I am fine
For you I will shead no tears
For I have no fears.
I hope to not give you a chance to breathe
Not even a chance to see.

Lovely mother I feel the forcep move to my head
My growing fear begins to spread
I'm overjoyed that my eyes are still fused shut
My life has been extinguished like a cigarette butt.
In the oven I go
My silent scream now an echo
Stored in a small garbage bag is my body now lifeless
As if I were just another mess
Is life this full of distress?

The type of abortion method I am mentioning here is called the Dilate and Evacuate *D&E*.
What they do is they take the Forcep and grab random limbs of the Fetus and begin Twisting and Tearing untill the only thing left in the Womb is the head. They then use the Forcep to crush the head and pull it out of the Patient. After that they assemble all the parts and make sure they are all out and then they usually incinerate the remains then they take what is left after the incineration and send it either to a private location or they bury them under the landfill.
v - v

Well, I've pretty much learned enough about abortion for a lifetime.
o - e;;
It is truely a horrible thing...

I wrote the song because my cousin has awesome guitar skills and he says I can sing so he wants us to form a band.
Heh, I wonder how this will end x - x

I haven't slept in 2 days surprizingly.
Insomnia! DRAT YOU!
Did anyone else know that Hitler was Pro-choice?

If you keep your enemies
close and woundup
we will be able to better understand
how the wingnuts disfunctional brains work and implode.

Le Ciel Cherie
Community Member
Le Ciel Cherie
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