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my journal
black sqare jounal, i will write about .....stuff
o.o guys i had the weirdest dream lastnight and i wanted to write it down b4 i forgot it
so congratz on entering my dream world

So, it started off kinda normal, I was sleeping until someone woke me up to go do the dishes, and i have been really annoyed with everyone for the past like month, so I was really mad when I was woken up, and the first thing I noticed when I was going downstairs to do the dishes is that, there where tons of ppl in our house o.o. So I was running the water to start doing the dishes and for some reason i started fliping out on my sister (like the kind of mad that only suki knows about o.o) and there where these 2 twins (that i used to know irl) that were laughing so i walked up to one of them and picked them up and hit them and then just kinda just threw them on the floor. So my mom came running down stairs, and yelled at me. I just ignored her and started doing the dishes and everyone was moving around by me, o.o and i just kinda had a nervous breakdown, tripped over a chair and this physiologist just walked in and said that i would probably have a nervous breakdown, like the one i was having at that very moment.So after a while of crying I kinda blacked out and had this crazy a** dream (yes im one of those ppl that have dreams inside of dreams =/)
so my dream inside my dream was about these monster type things invading like this castle place and for some reason they were after me so i had to fight the head guy and, i couldnt beat him o.o i like hit him with this sword thing 2 times until he caught up with me and then i woke up from that dream, IN THE CASTLE PLACE FROM MY DREAM INSIDE MY DREAM!!!! O.O. Then I was just like "wait wait wait i just had a dream about something like this, maybe it was right." and I was like in a crazy ppls group, so of course no one believed me.....UNTIL A WHOLE BUNCH OF PPL STARTED ATTACKING THE CASTLE!!! and like everyone was getting there heads choped off and there was blood everywere and and and the castle was sinking!!!!! so i hoped on a boat and me and some other ppl started floating away, until someone pointed out that we had to go back and save some ppl, so we had to jump on a car to get back to the castle and we had to go through millons of ppl to get back on the castle place thingy

ouo and then i woke up.... crazy dream... right?

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