Heather Melancholy

Depression is grey
Like a dark foggy early morning mist
It feels like your trapped in a spiders web
Numb with its venom pulsing through you
Awaiting the cold serenity of death
So your body can be devoured

It tastes like salt water
Leaving that unmistakable, bitter taste in your mouth
It lingers for hours
Stinging your mouth
And conveying a raging fire up your throat

It sounds like the crippling scratch of past broken memories
Replaying in your mind like a broken record
But you cant turn it over
And flip to the other side
That holds a more sprightly song
Endlessly waiting to be played
So you have to keep dwelling on the same lyrics
Reciting in your head
Over and over again

It smells like the dust that settles
On the now cold places we once knew
And on the down turned frames
Filled with the faded faces
Of past loves
That are now just misguided ghosts
Forever haunting us

It looks like the rears running down an infants face
As it weeps in search of its mothers voice
To come create the harmony
That will pacify him
To the suspension of consciousness

And the longing eyes of the monster
That stares you down
Mimicking your every move
In the mirror

As you force yourself to get up
And muster the courage
To go out into this world of grey
And face another day
Of attempted descry

To see the flicker of a flaming candles light
About to burn out
Between the cracks of a morose state of mind
Before someone extinguishes it

Depression is grey