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Finally, the sound of the school bell rushed my a** out the door, and into my baby, my Mitsubishi, white and glistening with clean tires, spokes and the exterior parts.The inside...well...let's just say that my moms kind of a maid sometimes and that I barely make my bed. I mean what's the point? It's not like I'm not going to sleep there all there time. I crossed the parking lot, in a rush for the Banquet. Typical. Then, as I walked almost halfway towards my truck, I see Gina and her posse. I'm thinking to myself, I seriously have no time for this crap. I was nervous to approach. She was too powerful, overwhelming for me. My knees knocked and brushed my silk-made pink plaid pattern skirt. But then, "Brandy, can you come here please?" What?

"Uh...sure...I guess.." I spoke then faded when I voiced my sentence. So as, stable
as I should be, I walked towards her and stood not too close or not far. Far equals
"Bitching" or close equals "I'm deaf and I can't hear you." A perfect location in the middle equals perfect balance of looking professional. "Thanks Doggy for listening,"
Gina sinisterly insulted. I looked calm although I couldn't control it. I hung in for little bit. "What is it Gina?" I said relaxed
and tensed at the same time. Gina leans on my truck like she owns it. And I was dumb enough to let her. Gina held silence. I started to get impatient. "Look, I have to go soon. Come on."

"Well,I have to talk to you about the Homecoming Dance. And I was wondering if you would be a candidate for us. I mean it's your choice if you don't want to. Or maybe you don't think your pretty enough." She chuckled followed by theirs.
"That's why I threw things at you during lunch hour, to get your attention."

"Homecoming. I'll think about it, Gina. Thanks for the offer. Now I really have to go.
Excuse me."

I'm surprised. But why do I have this feeling of doubt? Oh yeah, that's right. It's Gina Pandores. "Wait, please. Here's the candidate selection. Just drop off in the
Homecoming committee."

As I began to read this paper saying the required fields in order to participated in the race, I felt this pain in my stomach. "Woahh." I gently put my arm around my stomach, sucking air through my teeth. The pain grew worse then. "Thank you, Gina." I got in my truck and quickly stuck the key in the ignition, set my stick
R(reverse) then back to D(drive) and carefully pulled out of the parking. I look in the mirror, seeing Gina and her followers getting smaller and smaller. That feeling I had in my stomach made me realize what Gina is doing. Like sabotage, humiliation
embarrassment and such others. No. But maybe there's a chance. I'm afraid that maybe this stomach pain I have, could be endless possibilities. Could it be happening to me again?......

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