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Floria's clump of meaningless junk. =/
[You don't have to read this ridiculousness,
it's completely nonsensical and random
and blahish. So if you become too bored
by this and want to fall asleep, feel free to. xD
I'm just typing this because I'm bored P= So yeah.]
Random Facts:
- Online, I tend to use [these] brackets instead
of (these) brackets.
- I don't have braces anymore. Finally :D
- My favorite color is light blue.
- I like art though I don't really like sculpting,
or mosaic art or my own face [I actually did it
and failed miserably, so you can't say I didn't
give it a chance] or art involving using too much
glue. But I also like music [vocal, instrumental
arts] and writing kind of. Though I still some-
times get tired and annoyed with them.
- I don't like gym.
- I'm good at hula-hooping and skipping rope,
but skipping rope makes me too tired so I still
can't skip for too long, Bleh
- Any color can be likable to me, but I can't
stand when people use waaayyy too many
bright bright bright BRIGHT colors squished
together. D=
- I like cats and dogs :D
- I read a lot but only certain genres.
- I like weekends.
- I like some anime and manga.
- I like to draw anime/mangaish. But if I try
to draw a guy, it turns out looking like a girl.
So I need to work on that...xP
- I hate spiders/mosquitoes/bees/insects etc.
- I am one of the rare people who don't like pizza xD
THIS and I just did it to show what its like and I
don't actually use it so no I am not a hypocrite. xP
- I just noticed how long this list of useless
gibberish is.
- I use 'lol' because it has somehow become a
synonym for "Hah" and "Aha" and "Haha" and "ahah".
- I h8 it wh3n ppl tok lyk dis bcuz itz 2 an0y1ng
2 r3@d, and again I am not a hypocrite
- I don't have cable so I don't watch much TV
[though I never did, really] so I don't really know
who random people are and what random shows
are about. And if I am given a chance to watch
TV the only thing I know of to watch is cartoons xP;
- I just write this for no reason whatsoever, and so
I am sorry for having wasted about a minute of your
life reading this. xP =S =/ =x xD
- This is the end now.
THE END no wait actually, please read this if
you don't read the useless facts [I don't blame
you]. I don't go on Gaia much anymore so I am
not an active player so I am sorry if you comment
or PM or something me and I do not respond quickly,
or even don't respond at all. [Who knows, this may
even be the last thing I ever write on here, but
probably not, but I'm just saying in case it is, even
if it probably isn't. I hope this made sense.]
- NOW the end yay bye thanks for reading.
[well that's a weird thing to say but I don't really
have anything else to say, so oh well...xP]
The last thing written in this shall be a =D face.
[Er, or the exclamation mark. or the dot. So yay! xP]:


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