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I really don't care.

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Kleo's Wonderland-full Memory Part Three
((The next day))
Kleo: Lalalalala... *humming while brushing the hair of her doll*

Yours: *Walks in the room, compleetly visable*

Kleo: Yours!

Yours: Hello, Kleo. You can see me now?

Kleo: Yes... Why?

Yours: Wonderland wants you to.

Kleo: Wonderland?

Yours: Yes, wonderland. Wonderland is a wonderfull, yet dangerous, world of fantasy. Alice and Clarisse went there, but Clarisse will not return, like Alice did. Kleo.... Do you ever want to go to wonderland?

Kleo: ... Not really, Yours. It sounds scary.

Yours: Hahahaha, yes, I suposse it would. I am glad you don't want to go yet, but you will have to one day.

Kleo: Why? Why do I have to go to wonderland?

Yours: ... I'm not sure, but that what the Queen says.

Kleo: Queen? You mean Queen Elesibeth?! *yes, she said it wrong*

Yours: No, not her. The queen of wonderland, Queen Mirana, the White Queen.

Kleo: Wow... Is she beautiful?

Yours: Very beautiful. She is kind, and loving. Though, her sister is the one you should fear... "Queen" Iracebeth, the Red Queen. She claims to be a queen, and stole the royal crown from the White Queen, even though she wasn't supossed to.

Kleo: ... Why must I know all this?

Yours: Because, You and Alice are going to be the ones who change it, but Alice can't see me, nor hear me, and she musn't know anything. Only you can have this knowlage.

Kleo: ... How... Odd.

Yours: I know... Kleo, I have an idea.

Kleo: Oh? What is that?

Yours: Tomarrow, I am going to bring you a present, but in return, you must draw me as your knight.

Kleo: My knight?

Yours: Yes.

Kleo: Why?

Yours: Because... You will need me. I am always here for you, Kleo. I love you, no matter what....... *dissapears,and leaves the room*

Kleo: ...... Thank you, Yours.

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