Almost everybody can come over to me and say "There's always another day". Anybody can tell me "there's always another day". But what if there isn't? What if the world ended tomorrow? How can we live today out to the fullest? There's always another chance to live up to your full potential. Really? Or does "Doom and Gloom" sum up our end?

I know the answers. I know someone who holds the key. What if that someone created this world? What if that someone spun the very fabric of time? He is the one who invented love. Who molded man in His image. Who is split into three and one, the Trinity. Who is the Father and the Son. The Alpha and the Omega. The One who sacrificed His Son for us. To summarize Him is impossible, but let's call Him 'God'.

Since God has the power to form this world, He has the power to shatter it. However, He has another plan in mind for now. He is the Author of Time, you know. His plan is that everyone would repent and turn to Him for help.

"The LORD is my helper, and I will not be afraid. What can Man do to me?"