The tears that spill from my swollen eyes are of remorse, regret, and a wanting to tell you how undeniably sorry I am. Words can’t express how sorry I am that I hurt you and I want to patch things up but I can’t and I know that that’s my fault. Everything seems to be my fault anymore. And I’m just sick of screwing things for everybody. I just wish that everything could go back to how they used to be back when everyone was young and no one really cared about what others said or did. But that time is gone since long ago and now I have to own up to everything, own up to every mistake and trouble that I’ve ever caused. It’s a scary thing to do but I realize that I have to do it. I’m so sorry for all the trouble that I’ve caused everyone and if you don’t want a burden like me if your life anymore then I understand and I’ll just fade away.