I had to light your entrist again & agian
I had to do it so much THAT I don't see how your still so down
We spent always & forever together
we spent so much time with each other that I don't get why you flinch when I hug my...(faster beat) My brother, my best friend,& your mother
(slower)Why do you act like I'm to good for you?
your doing it so much I'm starting to think its true
(faster)Why are you so lame?
How did you make me love you?
Why are you still taken my life away?
How do you live with yourself?
How do you sleep knowing what you did to me?
Whats wrong with me,Why do I keep falling for you?
I wish I knew because I keep Fallin' & Fallin' Again & Agaian
If I fall again I don't think I climb back up to the real world
But If you leave I don't want to know who I'll fall for next
Your always on my mind
I love how it feels when you lay next to me in my bed
but when I wake up in the morning and your not there
You make me wish I'd never Fallen for you
Then I think of all the memorys we shared,how we fell for each other
& I'm happy we fell together so long ago.


Its soft rock & pop mix together 100% written by a loser known as Star born as Abby
Inspired by the definitions I had to write in Pflex that I found when I was cleaning my room the word was Rekindled-to light entrist again(the whole time I was writing the only pauses where from me going back and reading it from the beginning)