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Thingies of the things that things need thingies for
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Full Name: Jezabell A. De Lac (pronounced Day Lock)
Nick Name(s): Jay, Jezabell of Hell, Madman Lac
Birthdate: 2/28 Age: Twenty-Three

Sex: Female Race: Human Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Weight: 135lbs Height: 5'9
Marital Status: Single Spouse: N/A Children: N/A
Occupation: Private Military/Elite Solider Social Status: MIA
Likes: Like the says way to a man's heart is through his stomach, it could be said the same to Jezabell. She has a hard time passing up a meal at a good resturaunt, even if it meant her having to go out a date with someone she is not really fond of. But there is a limit to how well this tactic will work, before Jezabell gets her fill of a person.

Though Jezabell won't admit it, aloud, she does find authority quite alluring. Something about have command and power of others seem quite intriging. She finds it quite thrilling when someone takes control of the situation, but that doesn't mean she'll always go quietly.

Though Jezabell enjoys listening to all kinds of music, she would normally prefer listening to either rock or techno; but it really depends upon her mood. Something about the bass seems to help Jezabell focus much easier, she can't really explain it beyond that.
Loves: For Jezabell lazy days are the best, when she can sit back and relax. Mostly this is because these are the only days she can sleep in. something about those days are usualy peace.
Dislikes: Jezabell has a slight disapprove of death. Her problem is not really killing others, but with her seeing her own mortality reflected in those she killed. She doesn't want to become another victim of the battlefeild. This desire of not to die in combat stems into Jezabell's hieghten awareness.

One of the more annoying things for Jezabell is when a guy whom is full of himself tries to make a pass at her. Normally when a guy hits on her, it makes Jezabell have a lighter mood. But when someone who thinks they are the greatest thing tries, Jezabell finds this rather irritating. In her opinion Jezabell believes these people are only using her to hear themselves talk about their self.

Those that would jepordize the safety of the team for something as petite as fame and glory is a fast track to enraging Jezabell. She would not want to die because of someone else's carelessness. This bothers the young woman enough for her to actually b***h out the wanna-be-hero.
Loathes: The one thing Jezabell hates above all else is living a cowardice life. She doesn't want to hide under the bed fearing what might harm her. She doesn't want to be a shell of a human being. Her feelings of a cowardice life only stems to her, she could careless if someone else was a coward.
Fears: Like most humanity, Jezabell fears her own mortality. She doesn't want to die for the fact she doesn't like the prospect of it being the end. Though Jezabell fears it, doesn't mean she will sit in a corner and cry. She'd rather face it an die than to have spent her life doing nothing.
Jezabell's childhood was a pretty average one, or as average as an orphan could get. But more or less she really doesn't like to reflect much upon it.

It was when Jezabell was old enough to join the army that her life became interesting. After enlisting, Jezabell spent her first few years within a training facility. The desire of wanting to make a difference, help create a passion to prove she was soldier material. Though it took several years for anyone to notice Jezabell's efforts, her enthusiam for her goal and her potential was enough to get her placed within a military's elite group of soldiers.

Shortly after Jezabell's twenty-first birthday, something happened to the woman. It was all so sudden when she went MIA from her low ranking position in the army. Taken off the grid, Jezabell took the Celestial Being, a privately own military group, up on their offer and joined the elite group of soldiers. Ever since then she has been working as a Celestial Being.
Additional Information
Transportation: Jezabell prefers to travel by a highly customize motorbike, dubbed Scathe; a name she choose for reasons unknown. This high tech machine was made with the intent of much use and for heavy beatings, along with the purpose of speed and manuver-ability. Scarificing the use for thrills, Scathe is for more pratical and military use.

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