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Things That Bother Me...
*Stupid ten year old girls who steal pictures and pretend they're scene queens. I don't even understand why you'd want to pretend.

*Girls who go on and on about boys they like who will never ******** like them back. It's like, eat a d**k b***h, I don't need your ******** drama.

*YOUR, YOU'RE. Learn the ******** difference, retards.

*Girls who scream louder than everyone else at shows, especially when the band/singer is trying to talk. Shut the ******** up before I cut a b***h.


*N00bs. Die.

*People who follow me on tumblr then ask me to follow them back. Pathetic much?

*Girls who post really old pictures of Oli and gush about how yummy they think he is. One, ******** off, mine. Two, at least use a recent picture. He doesn't have ******** snakebites, he doesn't have ******** black hair, he doesn't have a ******** bridge piercing.


*a*****e metalheads who take time out of their day to tell me how un-hardcore I am. ******** off, I like the music I listen to, and I don't give a s**t about whether it makes me hardcore or not.

*Girls who get posessive over my best friend. What the hell do you have to be posessive about?

*Girls who pick fights with me over Oli. Honestly, you're not head over heels in love, you're just being a p***k.

*People who say they love bands, but only love the lead singer. ******** you, because you know what? It's possible to do both. Stupid whores.

...yeah. I'll probably add more to this later.

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