I guess you figure I'll be writing about something random. According to the title I guess I am... I've never writen on an online journal before, although I do keep a real life diary. Hm... how about I write about my dreams and what I want to be when I get old(inside joke with my Mommy). Pretty lame but alright...
When I grow up I want to be a~
Movie Director
Voice Actress
Writer of Manga
Game Designer
Fashion Desginer
Game Critque
Any chance I can do all of these? Probably not but with whatever I do I know I'll be having fun.
Now my dreams and goals are~
Learning to play piano
Getting married at 25or over
Saving myself for marriage
Never doing drugs
Never getting drunk
Live in Japan
Visit Japan
Learning how to speak Japanese
Am I getting vexing yet? If you don't think so feel free to keep reading. If so then go ahead and not finish my epically insane journal entry. If you have no idea what vexing means then feel free to comment below.
In my journals I might possibly be writing poems, songs, stories, random blogging stuff, and things like that. I'm asking you to PLEASE credit me if you plan to copy my work. I dislike plagerism and I want to be credited for my work. If you want me to write a poem or something for you then you gotta offer me coins or items. I've been on Gaia for about 3years so don't try cheating me either.
I sort of know codes so if you have questions or anything feel free to comment. If you want anything else then just feel free to message me.
Wakare o tsuge, o wakare!

P.S. I'm learning Japanese so if it's a little off PLEASE tell me.

Mer-Hime heart