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Monthly updates on my life...
Nutty family
I'm over at my father's girl friends house. There's no serves here so It toke forever just to write this. She's great and alll, just 2 flaws. She lives in the middle of no where!! and... She's crazy...no...Her hole family is nuts.
The one I hate the most is her son! The youngest she has 3... He never lisens to her and he lisens to rap all day and when he's not liening to it he's singing it! Just earlyer he made a f*cking mud hole! right by the house! So the pouch was coverws in mud. He didn't even bother cleaning it! Well he did, when his mom was on the phone! She told him to NOT I repeat "NOT" to spray the water hous while she was on the phone. And she only has serves outside...
Oh and her 2nd son pisses me off all the time. He still lives with his mother. Do you know how old he is? Huh Huh HUUUHHHH???!!! 25!!! He is 25 f*cking years old and he has no girl friend and lives with his mom! He didn't have a job for 5 years! And he made his younger bother cry I don't know how meany times!
This is why I HATE coming over here... Because they all are nuts!
So I'ma going to sit here and eat my Pringles and deal with it!
Can't wait to go to school, no really it'll be better then staying here. I go to school whiles at momma's house so... NICE KNOWIN YA ANGIE, ANDREW, AND JOHN!!!!!!!!!
Oh and her 1st son is just deightful, really fun to be around! Ya know he has a great house and to top it off a fluffly white cat! Which is adourable! Man why can John be more like him? He is the only one who isn't crazy ya' know? He also has a great dane. Really big and playful! also has a chater box girlfriend. Which has a 6 year old son I don't know all that much~
Well thank you so much for reading, just had to get that off my chest!
Well, bye!

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