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Dont Judge me bc of my gaia user name- that's not very nice but I guess it's the true human way right? or wait no? yea I guess so..
Dont come up to me and tell me Kirk Hammett sucks bc apparently he doesnt if he's still famous-- der der der.
Plus it's a matter of opinion, if I like Kirk Hammett don't hate on me bc you cant play guitar worth s**t and fap off to every Kirk Hammett solo. And don't say you are better than him bc if you were I guess you'd be famous too. SOOooo yea.
Don't attempt to troll my name bc I like someone- If you don't judge me then I wont judge you. No matter how much I hate Justin Bieber. XD

Gaia has lost it's fun.
It used to be nice just to get on and fiddle fart around with goofy people. Now it's all about how well you troll or how rich you are. Sounds like to me ppl have problems getting accepted in Real Life, if the only way they can let off steam is through trolling on the internet or calling people 'noobs' bc their virtual gold is more or whatever- then you need a reality check- who would be afraid of little pixels? I mean seriously- I might not be as witty as some people but I use my ignore button often so I dont have to deal with people's personal problems and why this is better than that, what I like and why I should be like them for X reason. I mean why can't people just accept others the way they are? It seems impossible D:<
omg im sounding like an emo kill me XD
I know of a few trolls that seem to plan out exactly what they are going to say to each person and when they are on gaia they troll like theres no tomorrow- but what do they do when they are off? Do they make lists of what to say? read the dictionary so their grammar is so insanely correct they could give a college professor a D in the english language? That's what it seems like to me if Im wrong correct me.
I mean I don't like being trolled on as the next person- but it's like give it a break! They must be the most unfriendliest people on the face of the earth too- So rude.
Then you got the a** kissers - ppl who are like "Omg you fail for X reason" but when a troll comes around they are sucking on their dicks like candy while the troll is bashing them and everyone else. Im not upset bc I get trolled almost everytime I log on to gaia i honestly don't mind it so much anymore.
Then the people who are like "Oh I feel like im in control here -spends 1000 dollars/GCS on fake s**t so that on day the can get a lusty or NHB!!" they will really be 'ballin' now
Im just saying at some point the new 'fad' has got to end.

Where are all the FUN people!!! D:

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