Well..........I suppose that pretty much painted me as the most devilish person in the world. But fair enough, I wasn't very nice to you nor cared enough of your feelings back then. Hm, I was basically an a**-whole.
Aigoo.....I guess seeing that this thing is ancient i should not bother wit replying, but, i do think that if you feel like something is worth holding onto, then hold on to it. But I also believe you should go with what is best for you(though that is something im not brave enough to accomplish) seeing how it would probably help.....slim probability....but it could. I don't know......any-who, you should really give me your number...i think you did way back when, but i have so many of my friends 'inboxing' numbers to me, that i could lose my mind.

But yeah, you should do that. Ok! ciao (;