My OC:

Gender: Female

Hair color: Chestnut;; With little shades of black brown.

Hair Length: Medium/Short;; Up to her shoulders. ;; She could tie her hair into a pony tail, too.

Skin color: Olive skin;; Tan.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 103 lbs

Age: 13

Eye color: Dark brown

Race: Human

Nationality: Mexican-American

Name: Amber Kyra Cano

Blood Type: AB

Likes: Video games, drawings, anime, Pokemon, to sing to songs she likes, dark things, music

Dislikes: Stuck up people, wanna-be's, people that try to label her, dirty things, getting mad [it gives her head aches ;o] , chocolate, overly sweet things, fruit [except pomegranate, green apples, bananas, and oranges.]

Talents: She loves to write stories and draw, she also has a voice, and plays the guitar a little,

Personality: She's kind of dark, but loves to joke around, and isn't serious most of the time. She hates it when people tell her,"Oh, are you a tom boy?", or,"Are you a girly-girl?", or anything like that she would get mad and tell the person that she's me. Amber likes to get into interesting discussions [in other ways, she likes to talk.] She might get a little emotional, and she hates fighting. She doesn't like anything dirty.

Usual clothing: She usually wear double-layer shirts;; or plaid tops;; She also wears denim skinny jeans [or just any kind of shirts] or shorts. She hates wearing skirts. She also likes to wear converse, ecko, or vans shoes.
Extra details: She has her ears pierced, she has little tiny bags under her eyes, but is almost unnoticeable. She usually had markered stained shirts, or marker covered hands. She paints her nails usually black. She has broad glasses, and has bad long distance sight. She usually wears hair clips to hold up her right bang.

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by Noodle-Nyan
User Image Hair tied up;; [I couldn't find anything that matched her hair without being tied up.
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by Noodle-Nyan
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by Teh Bondage Faerie