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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
in trouble
i stand in front of him, toe drawing seas in the sand. The afternoon sun beats down on me, staining my dark skin coppery gold as i glance guiltily towards where he sits in the shade of a marble dome. His reed pen scratches on papyrus. He glances at a sundial in the courtyard to his right. How long has it been since he has last heard from me? Since six this morning?
Either way, he has been putting this talk off for far too long.
"atenra," He does not trust himself to look at me yet, but he can sense me jump slightly. "Come near, please."
i hesitate for only a moment. How easy it would be for me to bolt now. But he gives me a moment's glance that says, You would be a fool to delay the inevitable any longer. So i move, reluctantly stepping into the shade of his sitting area. my large eyes dart like a kitten's. He makes a few more marks on the scroll, and then sets down the pen and paper.
"What you did, atenra, was very wrong."
my mouth opens, but he silences me with a raised hand. "It was wrong and cruel and negligent, not to mention childish. I had thought," He raised his eyes to meet mine. "That you had since outgrown such antics. But clearly, I was mistaken."
"aetm-," i begin, but he continues.
" Siamun claims he has not spoken to you as of yet. Luckily for you, I have assured him that such measures are unnecessary..."
i let lose an audible sigh of relief.
"However, shada is expecting a written apology."
"No way!" i burst out. "He deserved it, you know he did, atem!"
One, two, three… "atenra. Neglecting your lessons is one thing. Using that time to embarrass Priest shada is another."
i give him a defiant look, eyes shining with worry and emotion. "But he called you weak, atem! In front of everyone! I couldn't let him get away with that. You're the pharaoh!"
"How many times have I told you I don't care about that, atenra?" he allows a note of tenderness to enter his tone. Weariness hits him suddenly, and yet he is unsurprised by it. "All I care about is being able to fight my-our contry, and teaching you to do the same."
"But they-,"
"They mean nothing, atenra. Not to me, and not to you. The only way they can affect us is if we allow them to do so."
He looks upon his sister-me, and is shocked when he sees tears glistening in my eyes. Biting my lower lip, i swipe at them, smearing the kohl that protects sight from the sun. "Th-they don't matter to me, atemu," she sniffles. "but y-you do…"
He blinks as she cries then, unsure for the span a breath of what to do. But then he knows. He knows it better than anything else in his world. Robes whispering, he moves, and grips me tightly to his shoulder, playing the older brother mode."atenra." he says. "You matter to me, too. You are a sister to me, and I love you with all my heart."
Sniffing again, i let myself cry, burying my face in my brother's robes. "M-me too," A murmur.
"That is why I get on to you. I want you to be happy. Never, ever allow me to hold you back from anything."
i wipe my face again with a nod. "I'll t-try harder."
"Good," With a relieved sigh, he gently pulls back.
After allowing me a few moments of silence, he speaks up. "Now, will you apologize to Priest shada ?"
my toe meets the earth again. "Must I really?"
"atenra, I have played many jokes in my life. But bewitching him to have hair-pink hair is going too far."
"Like I said," The grin has returned to my face. "He deserved it."

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