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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
love that could not be!
i walked down the alley my heart beating hard in my chest. It was Curfew hour, so there was no one aloud out. But i had to see bakura…
A light shone onto my body. i dived behind a wall holding my chest. It bobbed up and down i felt faint. He heard the footsteps of a castle guard, looking for what he had seen.
i bobbed my head to look seeing if the legal man had seen me. He had now.
"STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW" came out the voice of the guard.
i shook with fright. i did what i did whenever i got scared. i recounted the laws of egypt had lain to keep the peace:

(1) No one is allowed out in the town after ra had gone down. If not then they should have a signed permission slip from the guards.

Penalty: his or her eyes gouged out.(except the princess)

(2) No one is allowed to steal form another man.

Penalty: Both hands cut off.(except the princess)

(3) No attacking the guards.

Penalty: Termination.(except the princess)

(4) No Sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

Penalty: Removal of the couple.(no exception for the princess)

(5) No one is allowed to show their face to their beloved until their wedding night. They must wear a head scarf and mask only showing their eyes.

Penalty: An unclean marriage without any strong children.(except the princess)

(6) No Murders to occur. No exceptions.

Penalty: the accused will be terminated and all of his family too. This is to stop the bad genes from spreading.(except the princess)

(7) Arranged marriages must be the top priority to the modern family. Any personal relationships must be terminated.

Penalty: Never allowed to marry and any children born out of such a marriage will be weak and so must be terminated.(except the princess)

(8 )No leaving the egypt.

Penalty: Your house and belongings to be burnt down(except the princess)

(9) No conspires to egypt's laws. Or ANY trouble making.

Penalty: All of the accused will be sent to egypts's prison for three years, after paying a tax of £300 and a fine of £333.(except the princess)

(10) No gay people allowed, in any aspect.

Penalty: Personal parts to be removed and female hormones to be injected to the males accused and male hormones to be injected to the females accused.(except for the princess)

they didn't know i was the princess.i had a cover-up: an old peasant dress,with the hood up,that mana and tasume -one of the maids- had gotten for me.
i closed my eyes. The cold hand grabbed my shoulder almost shattering it. i looked up at the guard, my heart beating fast.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT IN THE COLD CHILD?" his chilly voice gave a shiver up my spin.
i couldn't answer, my mouth wouldn't work.
i gulped a little.
It didn't help that his hand suddenly paned claws obviously to gouge out my eyes.
"The Subject is Guilty, prepared to be reformed."
i closed his eyes. This was going to hurt.
There was a sudden grunt as a brick hit the guard square in the face.
"Reform that" smirked a familiar voice.
i turned to smiled tears in my eyes to bakura.
bakura smirked at me. He had his arms on his waist a gun blade slung over his shoulder, his dark red jacket caught in the wind slightly exposing his well-toned belly and shoulders.
"Hello my love" murmured bakura in his big God like voice.
i smirked. the past five minutes of absolute terror seemed to peel away as i ran into bakura's arms.
he chuckled as he swung me around a couple of times.
There was a sudden alarm in the background and all of the lamps came on in a blinding light.
"Shoot!" murmured bakura still holding me against him.
He took my hand as they both ran for cover. Dodging down dark alleys and through the square until making it to woods around Domino.
we stood in the sand.
The alarm at last stopped. And the lights died down.
my head fell limply onto bakura's chest.
he chuckled a little climbing up a tree.
Being part of the resistance meant he had been taught to think that the trees where his bedroom and bed.
As soon as they were in the cover of the leaves, we kissed our lips softly together.
They then laid there together. my head on bakura's chest. bakura's right arm lay loosely around me.
we were grateful for our little time together. we grateful for the moon and the stairs.
For we both knew that at the first flickers of sun light, bakura would have to return to the resistance in the middle of the woods in a secret area. And i would have to walk through the town back to the palace and lie that i had been out the night before.

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