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OC: Wrench
I suppose I needed a place to map him out, huh?
He's changed a lot since I first thought of him, but...
He was originally created specifically for a Megaman X RP, but you really could drop him into just about any other scifi. xd

Name: Wrench
Age: 35-40 years.
Appearance: [link] Courtesy of CrossStrike
Basic Physical Description: Height is six feet, one inch. He's a 'bot, if you couldn't tell. LCD wraparound eyes (can display eyes on back of head), no hair under that bandanna, plug tail, etc. The vest is not cloth, it's metal, sort of like armor. The things that stand out are the chest cavity and the wiring/piping withing, the missing left ear, and the detachable left arm. The plug tail is also intended to look incongruent with the rest of his design, as it wasn't part of his original blueprints, but rather a later modification he added himself. The thing to note is that the vest and pants are not attatched in any way, and he can strip. He's a ken doll, though, don't get any ideas. xd
-Acts much younger than he is, closer to how he looks.
-Somewhat thickheaded, somewhat stubborn, will often charge into things without fully understanding them.
-Does not often fully understand things.
-Pacifistic, if only because he knows he would instantly lose in a fight. Not necessarily cowardly, but will run from a fight for self-preservation.
-Very quirky.
-Has a passion for tinkering and cobbling together pieces of machinery. His programming allows him to easily recognize patterns in circuitry and function to throw together things that would work in tandem, but he often has no idea what he's really doing and will have to test out the end result before he knows what it does.
-He can, however, create something specific if he puts his mind to it.
-He can certainly like and befriend people, but it's just not in his programming to feel any sort of passion, love, or lust towards other people, human or otherwise.
-He's pretty forgetful. Not just as a character trait, but because he doesn't have that much memory space to work with. Most of his CPU is taken over by his personality, the knowledge he needs for his job, and his tinkering programming. That doesn't leave too much space for memory.
-Pathological fear of magma.
Occupation: He's an Operator/Navigator. That is to say, he assists operatives/agents on their missions via communications, research, hacking, and maps. He does gain a little extra money on the side from his frequent dumpster dives where he'll salvage any parts he can and, fix them up, and sell the recycled parts to the shops around town.
-Plug-tail can act as a taser, for self-defense purposes. Drains a good amount of his energy when he does this.
-Heart can fire a deadly beam that pierces most anything. Very short-range, and drains all of his energy in one go, effectively killing him until someone replaces his heart. Meant as a last-ditch surprise attack only.
-Originally created by a group of three scientists funded by several arts programs, Wrench was a custom individual model designed to showcase the agility and balance that was possible with modern robotics technology. That is to say, his entire purpose was to be a technological display. To show off the speed and grace possible in a robot, they programmed him to dance. His serial number was CRN-010. The scientists nicknamed him Twinkletoes. xd
-Years passed, and he was eclipsed by other models. Eventually, the Maverick Wars broke out, and he was converted for battle, as his primary function as a display of technology was more or less over and he quite literally had nothing better to do. Being lithe and agile as he was, his main method of dealing with threats was to evade and avoid damage and strike with small knives if he got close enough, as he wasn't a very good shot when throwing them.
-Eventually, he was taken down by a magma monstrosity (more common and likely than it sounds, trust me) that melted away his torso, left arm, and left ear. He was rescued, but there was no way to replace his parts correctly. He was a custom model, after all. He would never actively fight again.
-The power source of a Reploid exists in their chest, the CPU in their head. He wasn't dead, just "comatose." They hooked up a temporary power source to him and they managed to get ahold of one of the scientists that had worked on him initially. It would take a lot of time and impossible amounts of money to completely replace his torso. The arm was doable, though. The scientist did, however, suggest that they simply hook a more permanent power source to him and find a way to fill in his torso. Wrench suggested that they create a plastic mold as a case and just use that. He would not be able to bend his back in any way, but it would hold him together.
-The scientist had his own projects to attend to, but spent a few days writing a program for Wrench that would allow him to cobble together his own replacement arm. Wrench used the program for such, and found that the tinkering gave him a sense of purpose that he did not have quite as much of before. It was at this point that he adopted the name "Wrench." He crafted his arm so that it could come off as needed. He worked around his destroyed left ear and created a plug in his head to be able to interact with various objects. He created a set of rechargeable temporary power cores for when his current one ran out, and shaped them like hearts. He had some help creating the plug system for his heart-cores. After a bit of a mishap, he also installed a plug-tail for himself in order to be able to operate from wall power while he affixes a new "heart" for himself.
-He had spent a good amount of time as an operative in the field, so the force asked him to become an Operator and Navigator to help the newer recruits.

And that's just about that.

Sharkbutt The Orgiastic
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Sharkbutt The Orgiastic
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