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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
Christmas gift!!
Bakura was sitting in the apartment sulking, all alone on Christmas Eve.
"Not that I care," he told himself for the fifth time in three minutes. but, truth be told, Bakura felt rather lonely. This was not like him, but he wasn't admitting it, anyway.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
"I DON'T WANT ANY!" he shouted.
The door opened, and closed.
'The hell…?' he wondered.
He went to see who it was.
"Oh, and what do YOU want, atenra?" he asked, when he saw the me.
"I figured you were alone tonight, and thought perhaps you might like some company," was my calm reply.
"Well, you thought wrong. Go home and sit around with atem and be quiet together."he said.i got sad. "well,you see,every one has a date tonight."i said."even mahado?"he asked.i nodded.
To the thife's surprise, i only smiled slightly.
"I know you're lonely." he said.''as are you,bakura,the tears are a clue.''i said.
Bakura realized with shock that he actually had been crying. He had cried for the first time in thousands of years.
He felt his face get hot, and he quickly cleaned his face with his sleeve.
i knew this was a difficult thing for Bakura,
"I…brought you something…" i said, trying to change the subject.
The former tomb robber was glad for the change in topic, and said, "What is it?"
i smiled and pulled a box from behind my back.
"This is a Christmas present for you."
Bakura took the box cautiously, as though it may explode.
"I only give exploding presents to atem," i joked.
"Is he dead, then, or simply injured?" the snow-haired man asked seriously.
"I…was…joking, Bakura. That was a joke."
i sweat-dropped, then slapped his hand when he went to open the present.
"What the bloody hell was THAT for?" he demanded.
"It isn't Christmas, yet, is it?"
"Come now! There's only five more minutes!"
"You should be able to wait, in that case," i replied, simply.
Bakura grumbled under his breath, but put the present down under the small artificial tree.
While waiting the five minutes, bakura and i made small talk, and i seemed to want for the time to pass quickly just as much as he did.
When the clock struck midnight, Bakura grabbed the present, like an eager child.
After tearing off the paper, there was a box, inside that box…was a box, and inside that box…was a half a locket.
"I don't mean to sound unappreciative or anything, but this present is broken," he said blankly.
i shook my head, and pulled the other half out of my pocket.
i showed him how they went together.
he felt his face heat up again, when he realized that, when put together, it spelled: "LOVE".
i kissed his cheek lightly, making him blush even more.
"Merry Christmas, Kura. i love you!"

(this is bakuras first Christmas with some one. i know hes kind of an azz in this....)

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