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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
the darkness' light CH:2
As bakura and malik walked back through the portal into Hell, they looked at their home.
On contrary to what most humans believe, it was not some lava filled, burning sea of never ending fire. Or anything of the sort. It had gardens and fields and lakes and everything else that Earth had.
And most people that lived here were actually very nice. Although there was some who were . . . not so pleasant.
The portal took them to the outermost part of Kemet. No one was around so they didn't have to worry about someone seeing the child. Besides, anyone who did, bakura knew he would have to worry about them.
"marik," said bakura, "let's hurry home. I don't want anyone to find us."
"Of course my prince."
bakura and marik grabbed the cloaks that they had left nearby from when they walked to the portal. As he pulled up the hood, he tucked the baby into one of the folds of the cloak so that no one could tell that she was there.
If any one dares to mess with me now, thought bakura, I will not hesitate to send them directly to the shadow realm!
The two demons set out toward the city, and in its center, the palace. They continued to look forward as they walked through the plaza, trying not to draw attention to themselves.
"Hello, travelers!" said a man from one of the booths. Gems, bracelets, arm bands, necklaces, and other trinkets were on the stand in front of him. "May I interest you in any of my fairs?"
the prince only continued to walk, not even glancing at the man. marik, on the other hand, stopped and walked over to look at the merchandise.
marik, I'll kill you when we get home, thought bakura. I told you to stay with me!
Suddenly, a guard carrying a sword on his waist walked in front of bakura, forcing him to stop.
"Excuse me," said bakura. He anger and irritation was as plan as day. "Remove yourself from my path. There is somewhere I wish to be."
"I don't know who you think your talking to, runt," said the man with a smirk on his face. "It's very disrespectful to talk in such a way to a member of the royal guard." bakura could see a glimmer in the man's eyes and immediately knew what it was. "Of course, I could forget all about this. All you would have to do is join me in my bed tonight." He winked. "What do you say?"
"I say that you will be removed of your position before you even have to worry about how to get between someone's legs." bakura was absolutely mad. He had been stopped from reaching the palace. But now he had this disgusting excuse of guard to deal with. He was definitely going to make sure this man was punished.
The man snarled, showing his enlarged canines. "How dare you talk to me like that? I'll kill you."
bakura smirked under his hood. "Is that an official threat against my life?" Now the man will surely die.
"It sure is you miserable excuse for a—"
"Then I arrest you for high treason against the Crown Prince." The guard turned to see marik walking up to them with his hood down.
The guard bowed to him. "My apologies, High Priest. As soon as I arrest this vermin, I will escort you to the palace."
"Did you not hear me? I said that you are under arrest for threatening the Crown Prince."
"What do you mean? The prince is not even here."
"What could you possibly mean?" said bakura sarcastically as he reached up to pull down his hood. "I'm right here." He pulled down his hood to reveal his silver hair and chocolate eyes.
The guard gasped and bowed so low that dirt got into his mouth. "I am terribly, my prince. I did not know it was you. Please forgive—"
"No." bakura glared at the demon. "I will kill you myself, but not now." He looked over to marik. "Have him took to the dungeons until I go to retrieve him myself. No one else may see him." With that he continued on to the palace.
The rest of the walk went on peaceful, except for the furious guard that marik was dragging behind them.
"Prince! Prince! Our Prince has returned! Long live Prince bakura!"
bakura sighed as he walked though the palace gates. He was tired from the walk, annoyed by that stupid guard, anxious because of the baby still hidden in his cloak, and happy to be home.
"My prince!" yelled a voice. bakura looked to see isis swiftly walking towards him. "My prince, please come with me. I must speak with you." Without waiting for bakura's answer she turned around and walked on, expecting bakura to follow.
He sighed before following.
Isis led him to her chambers. She held the door open for him and once he entered she closed it behind her.
"Why did you bring a human child here?" she asked softly.
bakura looked at her surprised. The mark he gave the child prevented other demons from sensing the light that the child contained. His expression relaxed as he remembered that Latifa's demon power more than likely showed her a vision of him bringing the child with him.
"I . . . I just couldn't leave her all alone. I could leave her to die."
Isis stared at him for a moment. "May I see her?"
bakura's lips pulled back over his teeth. A warning growl escaped his lips.
"I mean her no harm," she continued. "I merely wish to see her."
bakura judged her with his eyes before reaching into his cloak and gentled pulled out the baby. He held her gently in his arms.
Latifa's eyes widened before she stepped closer. An adoring smile grew on her face. "She's beautiful."
The child, atenra, as bakura now called her, was sound asleep. bakura had used a small portion of his magic to make her fall asleep so that she wouldn't make any noise as he walked through town.
Latifa turned her smile to bakura before she walked behind him and started pushing him toward the door. "Well, go on. Your father has been worried sick about you! bakura, Go tell him about your new daughter."
"What?" bakura asked shocked. "I can't tell him. He'll kill her!"
"No, he won't." Latifa had a serious look on her face. "He won't once he sees that mark on her forehead."
"The mark?" He looked down at the mark forever imprinted on her left temple. "What does the mark have to do with this?"
"You will discover soon." She opened the door and pushed him outside. "Now go see your father." With that she closed the door on the prince.
bakura blinked then looked down at atenra. "Latifa will always be a mystery." He turned and began walking toward the throne room.
"My Pharaoh," said one of the guards at the door, "the prince is here to speak to you."
"Very well. Let him in."
"Yes my Pharaoh."
The giant stone doors opened to reveal bakura cradling a small child wrapped in a cloth in his arms.
"My son," said Pharaoh Hakim, "I am glad you have returned safe and sound."
"So am I, Father." bakura smiled at him. "It feels good to be home."
hakim stared at the child in bakura's arms. "What have you got there, bakura?"
"I . . . I found this baby . . . "
"Really?" asked surprised. It wasn't like bakura to bring a child he found home. He normally would have just left it. "Where did you find it?"
"I found her with her father—"
"bakura! You did not steal it did you?"
"No, of course not!" bakura was surprised and angered. How could he possibly think that I would steal a child from its parents for no reason?
bakura continued, "I found her with her father. She had a wound on her left temple. It was still bleeding. The father was severely drunk and would struck her again if I had not intervened." bakura started to grow desperate. "Please, Father. Let me take care of her. I will raise her as my own child. Please!"
hakim stared at his son. What has happened to bakura? This isn't like him. Did something happen on Earth? He looked down to the child. He couldn't see its face. Or is it because of this child?
"bakura, bring the child to me." bakura did not move. This only unnerved him more. bakura never behaves like this. "bakura, I am not going to hurt it." He smiled at bakura. "I want to see my future grandchild."
bakura stared at his father for a moment before slowly walking up to him. As he reached the stairs that went up to the throne he stopped.
hakim could tell that bakura would not come any closer. He must really care for the child's safety. He stood up and walked down to where bakura stood tall and tense. He could see the tendons in bakura's neck pulled taut.
Using his left arms to hold the child, bakura reached out with his right arm to remove the cloth from atenra's head so that his father could look at her.
hakim gasped as he saw the child's face. It was obviously human. How could I not sense it? It was then that he discovered the answer to that question.
A mark, as though drawn in black ink, was imprinted on the child's skin on its left temple, the same place bakura had said it was harmed.
This was the aftermath of a certain spell that had been forbidden for thousands of years. And his son performed it on a human infant.
"bakura . . . I don't even know where to begin!" His father was angry, he knew. He didn't have to look into his eyes to tell, but he did anyway. "You go to Earth without permission! Bring back a human baby! And you have marked it! Do you even know why that spell is forbidden?"
"No," muttered bakura. "I do not."
"That spell not only protects the receiver, but also bonds their mind to the person who performed the spell."
bakura's eyes widened. That's what Latifa meant.
"bakura if something was to happen to you and you died, the child would die with you. The opposite would also happen. If the child were to die, you would die."
He paused for a moment to let bakura absorb the information. "Your minds are not the only thing connected. If you was to get hurt, the child would feel the pain and if it were its own. If it was to be harmed you would feel the pain as if it was your own."
His father grew even more serious. "You have created a great weakness for yourself, my son."
bakura looked down at atenra, she was still asleep. "All the reason for me to take care of her. I won't let anyone hurt her."
hakim sighed. "There's not much I can do. Release the sleep spell. I want to see its face."
"Alright." He placed his hand on atenra's forehead. "By the way, her name is atenra." bakura spoke the spell to wake his baby girl. "Me ga sameru(1)."
atenra's little nose scrunched together as she woke up. Her eyes blinked open. Because of the angle bakura held her head, she couldn't see him, but she could see hakim.
"Hello, there child."
atenra started crying, thinking she was being held by a stranger.
Slightly panicked, bakura turned her so that she was looking at him. "Shush, hush little one, hush. It's alright. I'm right here."
atenra stopped crying once she saw bakura. She started to giggle and reached up with one of her tiny hands to tug on one of bakura bangs.
"Ouch! Ouch!" Despite the pain bakura kept laughing. "Ouch, little one! That hurts!"
hakim stared at them. The child already can tell that bakura's presence is different than others'. That's why she stopped crying when she saw bakura. She is already noticing the effects of the bond.
"bakura." bakura looked at him with a blank look. The bang that atenra had been tugging on was now tucked away in her mouth. "I will have to talk to the council about his."
"Why?" He didn't want the council to take atenra away from him. "They can't do anything about it. The spell is irreversible. Why do you have to tell them?"
"Would you rather that they happen to come across the child and attack her."
bakura's arms unconsciously tightened around Yugi and his lips pulled over his teeth. If they touch her I will personally kill every one of those bastards!
"So, tomorrow be here at noon with the child- I mean, atenra." He looked down at the bundle in bakura's arm and smiled. "She really is adorable, bakura."
bakura relaxed and gazed down at atenra as well. atenra looked back at him. "Yes, she is." He looked up at his father. "May I go to my room now? I am tired and I'm sure atenra is as well."
"It is alright. Where will she sleep?"
"With me in my room. I am not leaving her alone until I know no one here will harm her." With that he turned and walked out of the throne room, but not before wrapping the cloth around atenra's head again. He made sure no on but him could see her face.
bakura didn't feel at home until he actually walked into his room and closed the door.
"Now we can finally go to sleep." He heard a quiet yawn. He looked down just in time to see atenra closed her mouth. She snuggled up to bakura's warm body as she began to fall asleep. "Yeah, I'm tired too." He yawned. "Let's go to sleep."
He walked over to his bed and, as gently as he could, laid atenra down in the middle. He laid down beside her and pulled the covers up over them both.
He snuggled up to atenra and felt her do the same. "Goodnight." With that they both fell off to sleep.

(1) Means "Wake up" in Japanese.

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