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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
the darkness' light CH:3
bakura awoke the next morning to the morning light shining into his window as he stared at ceiling of his room. He though about what all had happened.
Now he had a beautiful little girl, atenra, who will soon be his daughter officially. Speaking of her, bakura looked over to the left to look at atenra, hoping to watch her sleeping face . . . but she wasn't there.
"What?" bakura sprang up and out of bed. He tore the blankets and sheets and pillows off the bed in an attempt to find her. She wasn't there.
"atenra! Where are you?" Panicked, he ran around the room, turning over furniture, yanking drawers out of cabinets, and basically ran-sacked his own room. Still no atenra. "atenra, where are you?"
Then, bakura heard a low sound coming from the bathroom, so quite even his sensitive ears nearly missed it. He immediately ran over to his bathroom door and yanked it open. His jaw dropped at what he saw.
atenra was . . . sitting on the rim of bakura's huge bathtub, covered in bubbles. Not to mention that the entire bathroom was covered in suds. It dripped from the ceiling, slid down the walls, and pooled onto the floor.
atenra looked up when she heard the door slam open and started giggling when she saw bakura standing there, dumb-struck. "A-atenra?" He stared at her for a moment before, "atenra, what in the pits of Hell are you doing in here?"

(***Sorry to interrupt but I just noticed something. Some of you are probably wondering how atenra is very . . . independent for being only a few months old. She is small and young but can already walk, slowly, and sit up, but she can't talk or eat solids yet. Just letting you know. I hope that helps.***)

He began to walk toward her, but it was difficult since the bubbles made the floor slippery. "Whoa! atenra, what did you do in here?" atenra just kept laughing, which in bakura's opinion was absolutely adorable, every time bakura nearly fell.
bakura was nearly to atenra before he lost his footing and fell straight onto his a**, bubbles spraying everywhere, and bakura became completely covered in the suds. atenra burst into laughter.
"You think that's funny do you," bakura growled playfully. bakura stopped laughing to look for him. bakura had hid himself underneath the bubbles as he slowly made his way toward atenra. Once he was close enough, he sprang, grabbing atenra and held her up into the air. "Ha ha! I finally got you, you little stinker!"
atenra just giggled and grabbed one of bakura's bangs and stuck it in her mouth. She immediately spit it out though, not liking the nasty, soapy, taste now on the bang.
bakura sighed as he looked at her. "Oh, atenra. You definitely are an interesting little thing you."
atenra just started to giggle at him. She reached up with her tiny hands, and wiped away most of the bubbles on bakura's face. She started to start gibbering, trying to talk.
bakura sighed as he looked at atenra before muttering to himself. "At least now you don't need a bath."
After, safely removing both atenra and himself out of the accident prone bathroom, bakura carried a dry atenra over to the bed to pick out what she was to wear when they went to see the council. He would get the slaves to clean the bathroom while they are gone, at the meeting.
'Hopefully they won't ask why.'
bakura pulled a beautiful blood red shirt over atenra's head, being careful with her sensitive head and tiny arms. The shirt matched not only the pants she wore, but also her eyes. They were the closest that the palace clothes makers were capable of making that came close to matching the color of atenra's beautiful eyes.
"Alright atenra, let's hope that this goes well. I would rather not have to kill any of those bast-" stopped himself, remembering that he was talking to atenra, "those, uh, meanies. Because if they touch one pretty little hair on your head, they will be wishing that they were dead."
With that said, bakura reached out and picked atenra up and left his room, heading to the throne room.
bakura looked down at her as she laid in his arms. I wonder what the council is going to say about this? He rolled his eyes. They're probably going to talk about how she's a danger to my life and to the royal family, that she's a monster. He looked back down at atenra to see her looking up at him, bang in her mouth, with a look on her face that made bakura believe that she knew what was about to happen. They won't take you away from me. I won't let them!
It was then that they reached the throne room. The guards that stood outside the doors bowed and one of them walked to the doors and opened them slightly to announce his arrival to those inside. bakura realized that the council must have already gathered inside or his presence would not need to be announced.
The guard came back. "You may enter."
The two other guards each grabbed the handle to one of the doors and opened them at the same time.
Everyone inside, who were already facing the doors, watched as the doors revealed a determined bakura and his smiling baby girl, who had released bakura's bang when she saw the huge doors opening.
bakura managed to catch a short glimpse of his father sitting upon his grand throne and of the four council members, two males and two females, all gathered and now staring straight at him.
And that's when the yelling started.
"How could you be so stupid?"
"How dare you bring such a monstrosity?"
"Kill the beast before it kills us!"
"Are you trying to get everyone here killed?"
"My Pharaoh, this cannot be allowed!" one yelled and they all faced the Pharaoh.
"Destroy the abomination!" another yelled.
"Destroy the abomination!" another chorused.
And that's when bakura snapped.
"Will you poor excuses for a council all shut your over-sized mouths before I rip them off your faces!"
Everyone turned, wide eyed, toward bakura who still stood just inside the room.
He was furious. That much anyone could see.
"You. Will. Do. Nothing. To. Her.UNDERSTAND!"
"Prince, you don't honestly plan to keep that thing here, do you?" asked one of the councilmen. bakura recognized him as sanin .
sanin was the eldest of counselors, around seventy years old. He wore long robs with brown markings on them. He had a long white and gray beard, the same as his short hair. He had hard brown eyes. sanin is the head male counselor.
"That. . . is exactly what I plan to do." bakura clenched his teeth together as he refrained from attaching the man. But he didn't want atenra any where near these people.
"I believe," a soft voice began, "that we should listen to what our prince has to say before we take action."
Everyone turn to the person who had spoken. It was the tiny mana. She was incredibly small for being twenty-one years old. She looked like a child, but she had extraordinary skills in magic. Skills strong enough to earn her a position in the royal council.
She had beautiful blue eyes that was the same color as the markings on her dress. He had long blue hair as well. Her kind and gentle nature has proved her to be an excellent friend for bakura. She was one of the only people who bakura had allowed to call him by his name.
"Why should we?" This time it was chlone who spoke. "The Prince has already broken a law by bringing a human here." She turned to bakura. "My Prince, I demand that-"
"You will demand nothing, chlone ."
chlone was the head female counselor. The markings on her dress were red, and she had short white hair. She was around sixty-five years old. She had cold blue eyes.
Everyone turned to the Pharaoh as he stared at chlone . "You do not have the authority to demand anything of my son." He narrowed his eyes. "You may be my royal court, but your place is still beneath bakura. You will all," his gaze drifted sinin as he spoke, "do best to remember that."
"Yes, my Pharaoh." They all said as they bowed, but mana and mahado remained standing.
mahado was mana's older brother. He was around twenty-five years old. He was like an exact copy of his sister in every way, except for looks. He had short brown hair with purple eyes. He had green markings on his robes. mahado was also a good friend of bakura's and was too allowed to say bakura's name.
"mana!" hissed chlone .
"mahado!!," sanin hissed as well for the not bowing to the Pharaoh. The two remained standing.
"Rise," Aknamkanon ordered. Those who had bowed all stood up with chlone and sanin glaring at the two who did not. The Pharaoh looked at bakura and smiled. "bakura, bring the child in and sit."
He hesitated at first, but obeyed his father. He walked over toward his father, climbing the small steps toward the throne. Once there, he leaned his back against the throne on his father's right side.
"Prince!" yelled sanin . "Do not insult the Pharaoh by bringing that thing near him!"
"sanin, watch your- "
"It's alright, Father." bakura head still faced forward, but he looked at sanin. "You had best be careful, sanin . You have not the power to order me."
"Unless you threaten the Pharaoh! If you do not remove the threat from our Pharaoh then I will be forced to take action."
bakura smirked. "And you think my father will allow that."
"Of course he wi- "
"I shall not." Hakim glared at his councilman. "sanin , you had better be careful. I have already had to warn you during this meeting already. You are a council member. You do not speak for me."
"Forgive me, my Pharaoh." He bowed down again.
"Alright. bakura," Hakim turned his head towards him as he spoke, "please tell the council what you told me last night."
bakura nodded but was interrupted before he could begin.
"What do you mean 'last night'?" asked chlone.
Before the Pharaoh or bakura could respond, Sagira did instead. "chlone, it would probably be best if we listen to bakura before we ask any questions."
"Yes," agreed mahado. "I agree with my sister." He turned and smiled at bakura. "Please, bakura, explain your reasons."
bakura smiled at him and mana. he stood up straight and turning toward the four council members. "I found her injured and bleeding in the arms of her own father. She had a wounded on her temple that was still bleeding and looked fresh. The man was holding her by her arm, leaving her hanging in the air. The man was exceedingly drunk and could barely even walk straight."
He looked down at the bundle in his arms, and she looked back up at him. "She was unconscious when I found her, but she awoke and the man raised his arms to strike her." A growl escaped from his mouth through clenched teeth. "I immediately tackled the man and got her away from him. I didn't kill him." At least not yet. "I ran away with her to a park nearby. It was there where marik found me and convinced me to come home."
He paused a minute to let it all sink in. He knew would that there would be plenty of questions.
"bakura . . . " mana began. She paused as if she wasn't sure she was allowed to speak. "May I . . . may I hold her?"
Had sanin or chlone asked him that, bakura probably would have growled at them, but he knew that he trusted mana. He nodded.
mana walked slowly up to him, her eyes never left atenra. Once in front of him, she gentle took the child from bakura's arms.
atenra looked up at her, at first with confusion, and then she started to giggle.
bakura smiled as well. He had worried that atenra would cry from being in someone else's arms. "I think she likes you, mana."
mana smiled at the little bundle. "She's adorable." She looked up at bakura with a sad look. "Do you know her name?"
bakura shook his head. "No, I don't. The man never mentioned it." He smiled and said, "But I gave her a new name, if she had one. Her name is atenra now."
"atenra," mana whispered to herself, testing the name. "A lovely name for a lovely little girl."
mahado, after hearing his sister's words, wanted to look at the child as well. He walked forward without asking, knowing bakura and hakim both would not mind. He stepped up to the left of his sister since bakura was then standing on her right.
atenra stared at him as well, but after a few moments she started laughing again.
"It looks like she approves of as well, brother." mana smiled at her brother. "Strange, since you were always terrible with children."
mahado pretend glared at his sister. "I am not." Once seeing bakura's and mana's look added, "Ok, so I am. But that doesn't mean I don't like them." He looked up at bakura as he spoke. "But she is adorable."
"Thank you." atenra started squirming in mana's arms and didn't stop until bakura picked her up again. She reached up and took his bang into her mouth.
"That is enough," interrupted sanin. His teeth were clenched in his anger. "You all act as though the child will stay."
"She will," said hakim in a tone clear with finality.
"You cannot be serious, Pharaoh!" yelled chlone.
"I assure you I am. Even if I wished too, I cannot kill the child."
"Why not?" yelled sanin.
"Because I have bonded myself to her." bakura turned atenra in his arms so that the mark on her temple could be seen. "If you kill her, you kill me."
"You performed a forbidden spell on a human infant?" sanin yelled. "My Pharaoh, this is not proper behavior for a prince!"
"You're right," hakim agreed looking at his son. bakura just smiled sheepishly at him. "I am not happy about bakura doing this, but we cannot undo it."
"Why don't we just send the thing back to Earth?" asked chlone.
"Because this spell transfers any pain between the two of them," Maskini answered. "If she is harmed on Earth, bakura will fell the pain."
"And if she were to die," continued mana, bakura flinched at the word 'die', "then bakura will die as well."
"It is for bakura's own safety that the girl will remain here," said the Pharaoh. "She will live here in the palace."
"Very well." chlone had an evil looking smirk on her face. "Shall I find her a bed with the concubines?"
bakura's roar rang through the throne room, causing chlone and sanin to jump back in fear. He glared at them as his brown eyes seem to glow red, warning growls rolling in his chest and through clenched teeth.

(~When I say "roar" I mean he roared. Not yelled. He roared like a lion. Literally.~)

"bakura," mana said in a calming tone, placing a hand on his shoulder. mahado stood in front of him with his arms spread to try to prevent him from attacking.
But he wouldn't. Not with atenra in his arms.
Eyeing his son, hakim continued, "She will live here as bakura's adoptive daughter. Be silent!" he yelled, cutting off the two protesting councilors. "I have spoken. Now, this meeting is over. Dismissed."
sanin and chlone bowed and left, knowing not to press the Pharaoh harder, at least for now.
hakim sighed as he sat back on his throne. "Those two just become more and more troublesome."
"I still say we should get rid of them," said bakura as he still stared at the doors, glaring. He had already told his father several times of his dislike and distrust of the two elder councilors.
"I know, but I cannot simply get rid of them without a reason."
"So . . . " mana started.
"So . . .?" asked bakura wearily.
"Can I be her aunt?"


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