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kagomechan49's fanfic
this will be all about my yugioh fanfic! atlest untill i can get it on fanfiction . net
funny crap read!!!!!!!!!!!!
**not mine but i lmao when i read this !!!!!!!!**

Yugi's Pov

…wow…its dark…where am I?

…uh…it's hot too…

…oh great…I can't move either…

…hold on…darkness + hot + not being able to move= Ahh! The penguins have finally taken over!

/…gui…Yugi! Please my little light…be alright…I don't know what I would do if you were gone…please Ra let him pull through…/

Yami? Yami! Help I'm being held captive by penguins with machine guns!

Wow they look mad… like the second I get near then they're going to peck my liver out with their purple beaks…I'm gonna poke them with a stick…

Ahh! There angry! Ahh! Stop shooting at me! Ahh!

I looked up from behind a rainbow rock to see someone laughing at me.

Hey! Stop laughing at me! It was really brave of me to poke one of the most fluffiest creatures in the world!

He laughed harder.

"Yugi…oh gods…Y-Yugi…P-Please t-tell me…y-you know that t-this is j-just a f-fever d-dream…" he said laughing.

I pouted. This isn't a dream you moron! The government hired me to be the tester of how smart these penguins are. They expect me to get shot by one penguin but im going to show them how smart I am. Im going to get shot by twenty. So leave me alone.

He laughed so hard tears were pouring from his eyes.

Sshh! Your going to alert the enemy of my awesome plan! Great now im going to need a bigger stick!

The man, still laughing, floated over to me and put two fingers on my forehead.

I fell into darkness…

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