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Likes Loves:
The smell of old people who have good hygiene.
Logan's eyes. x3 shhh don't tell him! xD
My hair! c:
Kingdom Hearts (My obsession since elementary school! o smile
Abstinence. ^^ ABOVE THE INFLUENCE >8D
My feet. Don't ask. D: They're PERFECT.
The way I smell. (Everyone says I smell good when they hug me.)
The way the piano is played. It's a beautiful instrument. ^ ^
Zombie games! Even if I suck at them!
Any sort of game.
OMG DISNEY. D: I have almost all disney movies from back in the day.
> >
My real good friends.
My 'niece' Samantha. ^ ^
Youtube. 'Nuff said.
Last but not least Logan. C: I can never get tired of his company. ^ ^
I'll add more if I come up with anything else...

Trolls. D:<
Huge Hypocrites. Everyone's a hypocrite, but there's people who are BAD hypocrites, yeah I hate them.
People who don't have self-respect, or dignity.
Most main character girls from anime's video games. Dunno why. D:
Drugs and Alcohol. Ugh. D;
Ignorant smokers who smoke around you when you don't wanna be smoked around. Dude! I'm trying to breath! It's cool that you smoke but do it away from me. D:<
Most Sequels to really good movies that end up ruining the Real good movie. AGH.
Liars, they should just shouldn't speak. or something. Like srsly.
Labels, don't even get me started.
When people confuse stereotypes with racism. It's just dumb and ignorant.
And the list will go on. D:<
Thank you for reading this. ^ ^

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