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The Boy and The Moon I'm gonna post my story up here. it's a fanfic, but i don't want to put it on FanFiction.net, so... yeah. If u hav things 2 tell me 2 make my fan fic. better, please tell me (say it nicely and i'll fix it!! XD)

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So me and my buddy coco-and-friends are writing a story...
i know i didnt ask her for approval
but imma do it anyway...

here's a part of it:

Becca glances at her watch. "Oh, time to go... It's lunch! Wanna come have lunch with us?" Jony whips his head around and glares at Becca for a moment. He turns away before she can notice.
Connie smiles. "Yes! Lunch!" She jabs Jony in the side. "Stay calm, else she'll see you as the type to get jealous at any guy who gets close to her." She continues aloud. "Know any good places around here? I just realized, we haven't eaten anything in a while." [And I just realized, we haven't eaten anything since this started. XD]
Jony glares at Connie. "I'm not jealous! Not at all..." Leland, who hadn't heard it, points in the direction of Becca's house. "There [across the street from becca's house] is a restaurant called 'Bryans'. We could go there."
Becca nods appreciatively. "I haven't been there in a while!"
Joe nods. "Sounds good." Becca, Leland, and Joe start walking.
"Says the boy who has been cold towards Leland ever since we've gotten here," Connie says back.
Joe looks over his shoulder. "Um, Connie, Jony, we're leaving. You two coming?"
Connie looks up. "Oh right, wouldn't want to starve, now, would we?"
"Well you know what? I... uh... I don't feel good after that flying-on-the-cloud thing! Yeah." Jony quickens his pace.
"Righttt...." Connie says, rolling her eyes. "Like I'll believe that. You didn't even puke into the plastic bag." She quickens her pace a bit more.
"SO?! It doesn't matter if i didn't, i still feel sick!" He retorted. "Haven’t you ever gotten carsick but didn't throw up?!"
"Hm..." Connie thinks for a minute. "Now that I think of it, maybe once or twice." She sighs. "Okay, fine, you win. But that doesn't mean you should only be cold to Leland."
"HA! And I'm not being cold to Lee... whatever his name is."
"You mean Leland? And you say you're not being cold to him? You didn't even bother to remember his name, even though we've already said his name at least six times since Becca first mentioned him."
"Whatever, his name is weird. It's not my fault!"
"I memorized it on the first time. And I have a horrible memory!"
"Well I've never heard of anybody with that name! How am I supposed to remember it?!"
"I've never heard of that name before either..."
"W-well, you're a GIRL! Anyway, what does it matter?!" he lowers his voice. "She likes HIM so it shouldn't do anything even if i DID remember it."
"What does gender have anything to do with it?" Connie asks, hiding a smile. "And did you forget? You two are engaged, as according to Father. I think that should count for something, yes?"
"I... am not marrying anybody that doesn't like me back. So obviously he's going to have to cancel that. And gender has everything to do with it, since you're a girl you probably think he's cute or something!" Jony says, exasperated.
"I do not! I only remembered it cause Becca-chan likes him!" Connie retorts. "And, well, I guess I can't say anything to that. Father might be mad, though...it seemed like he was intent on setting you two up. I wonder if he'll accept Leland as a substitute?"
"Uh, well, sucks for him cuz I'm not going to have anything to do with it!" Jony hisses back.

hahahaha hooooraaaaay biggrin

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