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Lunar Stories
Most know I love to RP so since im bored, I'm going to try stories.
The New Girl

Upon moving in she was the biggest thing going around. Nobody new had moved there for a while, and the gossip had started boiling again. It was the beginning of summer, and nobody knew anything for sure. Her family moved in just two days before gossip started. So lets get things straight. She works in a bakery in town, her family is rich, and she lives in the two story house with the pool next door to me.

"Hey mom, which room is mine? " Allison asked, carrying a large box inside.
"The one in the back of the house. " Her mom called from the master bedroom.
Allison set the box down she was holding in her new room. She smiled and smelled the sent of a new clean house, then went back outside to get the rest of her boxes from the truck. After the truck was offloaded, she got to setting up her room, the TV and its stand in the corner, the bookshelves along the wall across from the window, her bed under the window and the boxes stacked in her closet for her to unpack later.

Grant was sitting in his room when he heard a truck pull into the driveway next door. He got up and walked into the living room and looked outside at the large moving van. He looked at one man, the dad, get out of it, as a nice car pulled up beside it, when his mom came into the living room.

"Why don't you go say hi?" She said to him, when he saw him stop.

"Ha! Noooo....." Grant said running back to his room.

"I'll make some cookies that you can bring over tomorrow, and you can't say no to that, I'm making you. " She called after him, and he just sighed.
Grant got out his binoculars then looked through the blinds at the new people that just moved in. He counted four people. Mom, dad, son and daughter. The daughter looked his age, probably a little older, and the son looked well, he looked really annoyed, as well as younger than his sister.

It started to get dark but he still watched them, the girl fascinated them, she always wore that jacket, he didn't know why but she did. When the sun was completely gone the lights in his new neighbors pool lit up. and her and her family came outside and all got in.

"How strange. . . " He mumbled to himself as they laughed and played and swam around in the pool.

Allison splashed her brother, he cried to his mom, their mom splashed them both, as well as their step dad. They swam til about midnight before they were all exhausted then went inside. Allison was the first to fall asleep as well as the first to wake up. Getting up he got dressed in nice work cloths, ate a bowl of coco puffs then told her mom she will be back, and left.

Allison got on her bike ad went to the one place she wanted to work that was hiring people for a summer job. The bakery two miles from her home. She smiled when she got there and parked her bike outside and went inside.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The lady at the register asked, with a smile and sweet caring voice.

"I saw your sign while driving down here that you were hiring and I was hoping to ask if that job is not yet taken yet?" She said kindly.

"No ma'am, it has not been that sign has been up for months, if you would like the job though, I will be asking you a few questions? "

"Ask away. " Allison said.

A few hours later her job interview was over and she had the job. She would be starting next Tuesday. After purchasing a cookie, she then rode her bike home to see the neighbor boy walking up the driveway. Allison rode up next to him and stopped.

"Hey~" She said to him scaring him obviously. "Oops, sorry didn't mean to scare you." She said with a laugh.

"No problem at all. " He replied then looked down and blushed. "Uh my mom made these for you guys here. " He said, "Uhm, my name is Grant, how about you?"

"My name is Allison. Just call me Ally if you want. Would you like to come inside? " She asked, and he nodded.

For a few hours they talked and got to know each other when he said something that sparked her interest. Books. She had one tall bookshelves full of mangas, as well as the DVD anime to it, and one short bookshelf full of regular books. She had everything from Amazing Agent Luna, Fruits Basket, to Vampire Knight. He was amazed. He never knew a girl would be into the same stuff as him, but she proved him wrong. This was the beginning of a great summer.

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