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My very embarrassing life......
Well... what can I say? Everything in my life embarrasses me.
Mom's are so embarrassing!!!
Oh my God... my mom has been on me case for so freaking long... ok this is what happend. Mom is going to the doctor for something that's in her foot and I don't know I think me and my brother are freaking out because of it. The thing is, I think I have senioritis as a sophmore! O_O
I haven't been doing my homework lately... and I lied about doing my homework. Mom, being the freak she is, looks at my gradespeed every effin day. She is getting mad because I pass my time of getting dressed. We're supposed to get out of the house by 7, but I make us stay til 7:05. So because of that, my mom is making me get up earlier and she wants me to do my homework. Let's just say I've been lying and saying that I did my homework. But seriously WTH! It's my life! She should let me be and see if I sink or float. She doesn't understand. My biology teacher isn't the same one as last semester and I'm getting bad grades in his class. Actually everyone is getting bad grades in his class and he's blaming it on us for not turning our work in. She's getting mad over a 70. A 70! I'm passing! Leave me alone! Also in my geometry, she's getting mad at me for doing my homework even though she doesn't even know how to teach and everyone, literally everyone is failing her class. There's nothing much I can even do about it because I keep failing her tests. But the way she grades everything is weird too. But this is now her grading goes, Tests are 50% Quizees are 25% and Homework is 25%. I failed all of my quizes so how the hell does my mom think I can bring it up by doing all the homework Im missing. Do the math, I can't! I've been doing all of my projects and I didn't even do my essay because you wanted me to get all of my stuff off of the floor in my room! It's my room, why can't she understand that and let everything in my room stay the way I want it! Also my little brother keeps coming in my room! It's my room! My family doesn't even let me lock the door cause they think I'm trying to kill myself! WTF!

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