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the place to spill my feelings
Lost lady(fixed)
I gentally kiss Vano. His long hair raps around me.He rubs my waist and he rubs my neck. We here a sound of a wagon.
a wagon pulls up a police man steps out. He lifts me up.

police man: shut up prince we are aresting her from steeling from your father and not paying taxes!

Vano: But a lot of other people do that and you arent takeing them away!

Police man: well say your good byes now she going to prision.

I kick and sream.
Vano hits him cutting him with his kniff the blood crovers my dress. the kniff back cuts on Vano His blood stains my dress to.. The police man tosses me in the back of the wagon.
he gets in and drives off. I wake up some where I don't know where. I feel a foot on my a**. the light is bright I fall out of the wagon.
Vano's dad stands over me I lay in a fenced in yard. Dogs bark a round me. I slide my hand under me I rip the bit from my dress that has Vano's blood on it I slide it into my bra. I look up. I feel a boot aginst my haed.

Kemo: Hello my new toy. Put this presion dress on now.

He tosses it at my head.

May: No..

Kemo: Would you rather me do it.

He puts his foot on my head. I struggle to take off my dress.

Kemo: Aw! To bad your gonna lose all that weight while your here. You only get 2 meals a day! To bad Vano's told me he want your babies and you want his baby growing inside you! well you'll never get that now.
he'll ever find you here.. b***h!

I feel him pull down my panties. He sits on me.

May: Get out now.

He hits me in the back .

May: Ahhhh!!! Nooo!! Godddd Nooo!!

I start balling. I feel him pull out.

Kemo: b***h! I'll see you tommarow!

He kicks me in the ribs! I lay hafe naked in the dirt.

Kemo: chain this one up good she my favorite!

4 years later. I lay in my prison dress on the cold floor. I hold a plushie i made of hay to my chest. i here some one wallking down the hall i burrie it in the hay with my locket. i hear some one open my cell.

Kemo: Just got back from Vano's his Son is so cute!

I back against the wall hissin and crying!

May: His baby!

He takes off his pants i claw at the wall.

May: He doesn't love me any more kill me!

Kemo: No iI still want to play with you. He's moved on.

May: Pleaseeeeee! Killl mee!

Kemo: I'm treied to day baby!

May: Don't call me that he did! My Kitty my god my lovvee.

Kemo: Shut up!

He hits me in the head. I slam my head aginst the floor.

May: Die!

he pulls out of me.

Kemo: You love him more then life it self.

He gets up staming the door the guard locks it. I dig out the plushi i curl up with it in a ball. Dirt cover my ears and tails. I shake and tremeble. I hit my head on the floor.
I pass out.

The next day.

I wake up. I feel Kemo's hand on me.

Kemo: Aw!1 thats the last time I got some of that to bad you where pased out it was fun. now get the ******** up I have to let you go or you'll kill yourself and I want you later.

I pass out I wake up on a bed in a small old house. I can smell the wetness. I walk down the stiares and out to the street.

Later on.

I step into the castel. I walk down the hallway I hear Vano's voice. I Hide in the door way. I look down to see a little boy holding on to my leg i bend down and pat him on the head.

May: hi little budy!

little boy: Your ears and tail are so dirty why?

May: to tell you the truth a bad man tuck me away from your dady and locked me up and made me sleep in dirt and did bad thing to me and the inside of my body.

little boy: You did't want the bad man to tuch you.

May: No I didn't I never want to see the dirty bad man again!

Vano: What is a winch like you doing to my child!

May: You would have never said that even to a broke maid!

Vano: sorry i'm just up set my wifes always out and filrting with other men but i Love her alot.

little boy: Dady a bad man tuched this lady in a bad away. You told me people bad tuch.

Kemo: Yes they do.

I look up from my crying!

Kemo: I wish you came here for me instead of him. hey Son let me teach you some thing.

He pushes me to the wall truning around. My locket falls to the ground.

Kemo: I know you missed me in you wait till i take you back to our house.

May: Shild protect the child .

i scearming kicking my legs.

May: Not infornt of him!

Vano: Father get off this woman so your the one raping her.

He pulls his father off me. I rush picking up my locket. He slams his father to the ground.
I fall to the ground crying the little boy walks up to me whiping my face.

May: Your so cute just like your father you have a good heart.. you are a tresure.

The little boy picks up the locket.

the little boy: Look dady you are in here.

Vano: shes a fan girl.

May: Yeah but I can't belive you don't remeber me. Your so happy with her theres no reason for me any more.

He helps me up some of the dirt falls off me blood drips from my dress. Vano looks at me. he grabs my arm. His wife walks in.

Vano's wife: you get on me about filrting with men and your shaking up with that rag.

May: No he wouldn't dare he never love me again let alone tuch me I should have know from the start. He loves you now.

I kiss him on the forehead.

May: I'll see you some day in the what ever happens after death

A hand hits me. Vano's wife stands over me hiting me.

May: Vano do you still love me.

Vano: I do but I've moved on I wish I could say I haven't but i have you where gone for so long I'm sorry!

May: Here take my locket!

I hand it to Him.

May: Please live a happy life from now on.

I walk out and down to the beach the wind hits my face. I jump off the rocks into the water

A few weeks later.

Vano walk along the beach with his wife and son he rubs her belly shes pregnant again.

Little boy: It's a lady dady the lady that visted us that loved you.

Vano stops laughing. he walks over to his son my body lay on the sand.Vano try to get a plus back he not knowing how long I've been dead.

Little boy: She dead dady did grandpaa do this.

Vano: No she did son she killed her self because she couldn't stand to live any longer knowing there was no chance Ida be with her!

He rubs the side of my face.
Van's wife kicks me.

Vano: You never tuch her again. get away from her.

He see the places on my body i carved his man in to my skin with a stick. Her rubs the one on my belly and my ring fingure . on my chest over my heaart i reads yours for ever unless you cchose to give t away.
He strts crying. he gets a sniff of Of a vail of blood i wear around my neck.
A flash back ofhappens.
I stand on the beach,
May: I love you you don't need me any more so theres no need for me cause you lost your love for me. i knew you smell this blood and see thi so its my will to you i don't have any thing worth and thing I gave you my locket and I give you my soul.
I kiled me not you. please be happy I wad hoping you never hind my body but in case you do. I love you spend my soul how ever you want sell my locket if you want. I'm sory to ever hurt you or harm you or bug you. Good bye my garden . You never failed me
you just feel in love with some one else. And please protect your little radent son. I wish i could have felt him growing in side me. but that not you fault . He diserves the best so make sure he's loved the best. I love you 2 good bye.
end of flash back

He crys over my body.

Vano: I wish I could take it all back I love you. I'm so sorry!

The End!

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