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10th customer log!
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-------------------------------------------------------------------- free random gift for every 10th customer!User Image
1.) potter5252-Cravate Demonique.10th.Received gift..^^
2.) DoctorsFez-Groucho Glasses.1st.
3.) David6410-Tsunami KO Classic Coat.2nd.
4.) BlueBane-Cursed Pumpkin.3rd.
5.) BankiaIchigo-Revive(Reg.).4th.
6.) lolkenelol-Hockey Mask.5th.
7.)Tony Ramirez-SpaceM.hunter mask.6th.
8.)????????-Kokoshi doll c. mini mon..7th.
9.)Panda GusG.-Aqua-mini-lacebackG.8th.
10.)Ilive ina stupidworld-Aqua-mimi-outlaw wolf.9th.
11.)Soular Flare -Grave Danger Yurei Doll 10th. Received gift..^^
13.)WeGetItAlrifgtV2-Warm starter Boots.2nd.
14.)sexyangelgoddess24-Macy'sAmeri-rag Dress.3rd.
17.)MissRenHaru-Alicein w-land M-hat.6th.
18.)beachcomber58-Aquari-MMOutlaw wolf.7th.
19.)LInnieGurlxoxo-Yellow-S-patch kids buddy. 8th.
20.)Luis_The_King_Gangster-orange-s-patch kids buddy.9th.
21.)gothanime4life-BlackB&W-checkered speed top.10th.Received gift.
22.)MAULIFUFF-Weat Stalk.1st.
23.)Chuckie98-Venus E-shoes.2nd.
25.)Fredling-Ears of Enlighten'.3rd.
26.)I-Cuddlez-with-you-Emperor's Brow.4th.
27.)i Byakugan_Neji Hyuga-Mythrill h-robe.5th.
28.)Laughh-W-Tangerine dot Dress.6th.
29.)Goldenmoon29-Green-head phoneHoodie.7th.
30.)RecurringApocalypses-Fress grass skirt.8th.
31.)My Distortion-Ivory D-candles.9th.
32.)Paeoni-Elegant mint ruffles.10th. Received gift.
33.)December74-ArcaneGwemStone broom.1st.
34.)Amara Snape-Elf style pants.2nd.
36.)Christine91388-Mythrill H-elf bodice.4th.
37.)Christine91388-Mythrill H-elf skirt.5th.
38.)canis minor-Recipe clam shell purse.6th.
39.)Akatuki_Dei-Chan_fuuma-Recipecoral F plushie.7th.
40.)xerophobiav2-Kung-fu panda belt blue.8th.
41.)x-kenny the Azn-Kung-fu panda belt blue.9th.
42.)soPissed-Kung-fu panda belt blue.10th.Received gift
43.)Chibi Ryodragon-V-Day2k11 H-hairpin.1st.
44.)xXMISSCookiesXx-Cold KISS.2nd.
45.)hedwig1234-Ebony Butt-fly-T-cloth Tube Top.3rd.
46.)Usaki Tsukino-Summon Crystal Fluff. 4th.
47.)Hot Mega Princess-White Hachimaki.5th.
48.)Shirokatta- Blade's of the New Rep-Tunic.6th.
49.)Mirumoto_Tsubasa -Memphis' Stockings 7th.
50.)K DRONEKING K -Kung Fu Panda (blue belt) 8th.
51.)Turtles Eat Socks -Plague kitty#2 9th.
52.)Moonlight Snow Siren -Z Blox10th.Received gift.
53.)daisy and the goat-Memphis' Wing Bra 1st.
54.)Rogar555-Formula 1: Hell Prison 2nd.
55.)x_Moran_x -Aquarium Memphis the Mermaid 3rd.
56.)The Drunken Jester-Cravate Demonique 4th.
57.)The Drunken Jester -Cravate Demonique 5th.
58.)Sui Miyuki-Cravate Demonique 6th.
59.)Sui Miyuki -Cravate Demonique 7th.
60.)Sui Miyuki -Cravate Demonique 8th.
61.)Sui Miyuki -Cravate Demonique 9th.
62.)PRINCE KUMA -Cravate Demonique 10th. Received gift.
63.)Schnazie-Cravate Demonique 1st.
64.)Schnazie-Cravate Demonique 2nd.
65.)Schnazie -Cravate Demonique 3rd.
66.)blackroze_dragon-Blue Carnation 4th.

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