So Gaia, wazzup.
It's been a long a** time ay? Well, here's whats going on with me right.

Eli's been livin' over here with me at my place and she goes home on the weekends. Many people might think, "wtf" Well, you haven't been told yet. I'm going to be a daddy :3 And Eli is the mother biggrin
Biggest, and best thing to ever happen in my life so far :3
I can't wait. We've had one baby shower, two sonograms, and an assload of Doctor appointments. The due date, is August 22nd! One ******** month!!!!!!

In other news, I have a new laptop, a new bed, and hopefully a 360 soon. But not as important as my daughter razz

Oh, and also, my brother now is sleeping in my room ._.
Which is kinda ghey but w/e. Worth having Eli here for xD
So.... Thats whats up with my life. Peace bro

Wait, actually, also, Me n' Eli have completely beaten both Mario 64 and Pokemon Snapshot. biggrin