cheap commissions
Hi i am an artist and looking for paying commissioners if you dont know what it is its when someone pays an artists to draw them what they want. i have a deviantart account and my user name is HarajukuDJ. if anyone wants a commission let me know there or in here. popular deviant artists charge so much for commissions but i will not do that.. i dont charge much and i except payment through paypal! I really need the cash so if anyone’s looking i am here!

i will be willing to draw avatars!




Full body

full body with back ground

other than that i can draw mostly anything you want.

pencil: 5$

ink: 10$

colored pencils: 15$

inked and colored markers: 15. 50 $

digital work : 20$

background is an additional 5$

addittional characters are 5$ extra

for any questions please contact me on gaia or on my deviantart or even tumblr or twitter the user name is still HarajukuDJ

Note: sometimes i will be lazy and draw on SAI even if you asked for a pencil sketch, if you asked for a pencil or inked or markered sketch and i do it sai itll be no extra charge for that. but i will prob do two versions of it a digital one and a sketch one if i am in the mood.