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People I love.
Black Ros3_Vampire- Been there for me since the day I met him and I love him more than any other man I've ever loved. We started from talking on Gaia and then it evolved into talking on Yahoo! Messenger and that evolved into talking over the phone and hearing his sexy broken English accent for the first time and him saying my voice was ******** adorable and that evolved into seeing eachother on webcam and he said I was ******** adorable and sexy. We have so many things in common with eachother it isn't funny. His personality is what I fell for, and his sexy face and accent added to that. I love him so much and I wouldn't trade him for anything else in the world. I know there's alot of trash talk about online/long distance relationships, but those people who judge can ******** off and suck it, because our love is deep and true. I'd be lost without him, literally. He's always first on my mind and he always comes first in my decisions. Sure, me and him have fights. Some have been minor, and some have been major fights and in some of them he threatened to leave me for good. But he stayed right by my side and for that I am grateful. He is the most important to me and he will always have a special place in my heart. He completes my world and loves me for who I am and I love him for who he is. Nothing can seperate us, ever. I know in the near future we will meet in person and that we will spend the rest of our lives together. People who talk s**t about him can ******** off and suck it, because who are they to judge our love? I love you Wolfy, forever and always. I'll always be your Foxy Princess.

The ScarIet DeviI- My first ever REAL friend on Gaia. She's been there for me since I was a noob in 5g clothing. I love her so much and I never, EVER want to see her get hurt. If I find out someone has made her cry, I will personally hunt you down and torture you in the most agonizing ways possible.

Sequiinz- My right-hand girl. Quite possibly the coolest bffle I have. She's odd and quirky, and has her weird interests, but if she wasn't like that, she wouldn't be herself. It's who she is and I love her just the way she is. &3 Bffle for life. Love you girly!!

BloodMoonTwilight- My Onee-chan. She's the best Gaia sister one could ever ask for. She's caring and overprotective (in a good way), considerate, loving, and protects me. I'm second on her list of important people, and she is third on mine. I love her so much and if I catch you stalking and bothering her, you're ******** dead. I will slit chur throat.

Buvic- My Nii-sama. I love Bubu to death and I'm happy to have a big brother like him. He's homo, ladies, so there goes your question of "is the hottie straight and single?". If I catch you bothering him or talking smack, you're going to have one angry little sister on your a**. I love you Bu!! <33

Lady Mirakai- Haki's sister and my beloved auntie. She's kick-a**, gorgeous, awesome, not to be ******** with, and caring. Mess with her and she'll kick your a** and I'll join in. She's so awesome she makes celebrities jealous =3=

Tannah of Kaos- My sister in real life. Yes, she lives with me and yes, we share a bedroom. She is the best real life sister one could ever ask for. Sure, she's quiet and totally weird, but we both are and that's what makes us both original. Mess with her and you'll have to deal with angry Foxy. I'll rip your head off and hang it up on my wall as a trophy.

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