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Creativity Central
This journal is just gonna be for random stuff, kinda like a scrapbook of sorts. NINJAS & PIRATES FTW! XD
Eternal Xantara: Lady Tsukiko phase ((Original Character))
I'd love it if you'd give my avatar/OC a chance, but only if you're willing/able to draw it, though. If not, I've got other options in my other request/quest threads (linked to art in signature & in the thread the art links to). ^^

Will provide upon request.

Details! There are about three-four variations. ^^;
The yokai/demon can be drawn with or without the clothes; if without, either a "friendly" exposed version (Gaia-TOS friendly) OR holding a sign big enough to cover both areas. Sign can say something witty. Usually wearing the constricting undergarments from Rosamund's Revenge. If drawing the constricting undergarments, instead of being in shades of red (that it naturally is in), it should be in shades of blue. She can also be drawn wearing a kimono (any style, though similar to a furisode) with firefly squid colors. The tail is NOT striped; instead, it matches the rest of the body. The horn & scales (and sometimes the eyes) are bioluminescent.

The human is wearing a kimono/robe thing similar to that of the demon, but white with blue and silver patterns. The human & demon form all wear the same outfit. Sometimes she has a hood up.

Story! She started off human (possibly one of the first mutants centuries ago). Unfortunately, some stupid humans broke/destroyed a shrine that was acting as a seal for an ancient malevolent marine demon's spirit. There wasn't a lot of options to deal with the demon's spirit, and they had to act fast. So she volunteered to be the "vessel" and, wrapped up in rune-covered silver chains, she was dumped into the ocean. Poor thing. The demon's presence altered her physically (there are unknown side-effects as well). After a while, its presence faded, the chains came loose/dangled from her, and a storm washed her ashore. After she was washed ashore, it took her some time to regain some semblance of her human form. Alas, she isn't able to fully reverse the effects of the transformation and thus the horn & scales are permanent fixtures. Fortunately, she can switch back & forth from the yokai form to her human form.

The demonic spirit is of an ancient malevolent marine demon who sought to destroy humans in any way possible. Storms, typhoons, whirlpools, tidal waves, anything. Despises humans.

In contrast, the human (at the time) was a priestess of some sort in feudal Japan. Her mutation (which allowed her to survive having a demon's spirit within her) is a healing-type. Not only could she heal herself, but was able to extend her power to heal others.

As stated, due to the demon's spirit dwelling within her, she has been physically altered and has other abilities keyed to what the demon could do when it was alive.
Feel free to ask more about her story. :3

Xantara's one of the earliest mutants, having been around since since ancient times ( at least 3,000 years! ). As such, her memory is spotty at best the further back in time it goes. Not only that, but she has gone by many names over the centuries. Tsukiko is the name of one of her identities.

Inari Miko
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