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Amemya's journal
... The Random Thoughts of a Random Person ...
Female, straight.
Caster class.
Appears to be 26.
Originates from the Mediterranean Delphi.

Certainly not the most powerful spirit to call upon, nor the easiest to work with.
Has a love for riches and all that glitters and is gold. Dislikes all women, adores rich men.
Nimble, intelligent and calculating.
Launches magical attacks with her staff by calling upond the Greek Gods.
The staff also allows her to negate attacks, but she lacks the physical strength to strike back.
Her weaknesses lie in physically strong foes and numbers; she can only foresee actions per opponent.
Her strength lies in eliminating other masters.

- Foresight : Sybill foresees the actions of opponents, allowing her to anticipate, evade and counter.
- Appolo's blessing: gives her transluscent anklets that allow her to battle in air. Does not enable her to transport her master however.
- potionmaster: can brew poisons, hallucinogens and healing potions.
- magic: casts magic using her staff

- Staff: magical weapon with magic stone in it. Used for casting spells.
- Daggers: summoned and thrown, limited ammount, low attacking power.

Noble Phantasm:
- Divination: she becomes blinded, her staff becomes a lantern which shines bright. It absorbs magical damage and reflects it back doing twice the damage.
-Supernova: used when in divination: once per battle, she burns her prana in the lantern, causing a violent blast of light which blinds all friends and foes for a while.


Strength: D
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: A
Luck: A

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