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Random Things.
i was also raised in the same family as you were, and all through my high school years i found it as gross, but if you really think deeply about it, it psychological as to why they become what they became, when i started college i met new people, one of them was a girl who told me she was bi-curious, but when we finally hung out more she told me that she was bi sexual, i was a little scared at first but i decided that it isn't really anything to get creeped out about, because i love her to much as a friend, and she also is the type to accept everyone, now that i am in college i have seen homo sexuality and while i'm on here i have tried to be gay and i have seen that they are just normal people. What you said about God not liking homosexuals is saying that God is a homophobic, and that is like saying God is racist, God accepts everything and everyone, he made two genders so that we wouldn't be lonely, it wasn't specific as to who we want to love, we can find love in anyone, sure my family is against it, but they do not go through the day to day things that i do. So you can be against it or for it, i do not give a crap but do not go at it, until you actually do know and understand it better, because right now you are a naïve high schooler who is using the worse reason to go against homosexuals by using religion. So until you better understand it, shut up about being against it and leave it be, that or just get off of a site that has homosexuals on it.

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