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The freakin stuff that goes on in my head._.
This is a book thing on my my thoughts and stuff and stuff i was thinkin about before i put it in this book thing,so yeah^.^
It had been two months before we caught some good news. With all of my hard work I had been accepted into an after-hours program that only the top of our schools students attended. I believed that this was the big break that we had been waiting on.“Hey!”

“Huh?” I snapped back into my mind feeling the side of my head being poked fiercely.
“Were you even listening to me!?” Isabella lashed at me. She must have been telling me something pretty important to have gotten this mad. “I swear Saika sometimes I ju-” I was beginning to zone out again but luckily the bell had saved her and I from her scolding.
“Sorry Isabella!” I smiled childishly as I trotted off from her through the hallway. If I didn't hurry I'd be late for my next class and I didn't want to risk that taking in account of who my teacher was. Well professor. As I neared the class I slowed my slithering and slipping through people to a calm walk to check to see if I had forgotten anything. Unfortunately I did. I sighed as I stopped to turn around only to stumble as I found myself face to face with Reno. “...” I blushed slightly being so close to her. “H-”
“Forget something?” She asked with a raised brow in curiosity holding up one of my file folders that now separated our faces. I blinked at the beige folder that blocked my face from hers, chuckling lightly as I grabbed it from her.
“You'll be late for class.” She interrupted. She had yet cut me off again and it made my face grow into a frown as she slowly faded away into the crowds of people. I snorted to myself about her demeanor and why people liked her so much. I honestly couldn't see it. With a soft sigh I cleared the hallway and entered my class. It was Human Anatomy 105 and surprisingly my understudy. I thought it would be more...complex finding the Company's starter class but I dared not curse myself into harder work and so I shook my head clear of the thought. Listening to my professor filled my head with so much information that I had no choice but to write everything down. I needed any and all small details I could make a connection with. While I jotted things down it made me wonder what I actually planned on doing with all of this information. I mean, I wanted to expose the Company to the world. I think. But couldn't I just do that without Reno? I mean, what exactly did she want to do? For weeks I had watched her adapt to this so called human life and she seemed in no rush to leave. Could she have started to like it here? Was she happy?

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