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cute worklog
you can read anything you like
This anime is just so amazing!!!

Man... I need to let that out. smile

First of ----> the plot: It makes you want to watch the next episode because of the Class 3's secret. You just want to figure it out. Like who's the dead one... I really didn't see that coming.. sweatdrop I thought it was one of the students but I guess even faculty members are class members, right? obviously. And I like how the anime made me think that Mei really didn't exist. The heck? biggrin And the part where it turned into battle royale...really? really? what can you ask more? But too bad it is just 12 episodes. Broke my heart. sad

Characters (only favs) -----> Mei Misaki ---> she one of those cool "vanilla-type" characters (stoic/no emotion/my lovely tezuka kunimitsu heart ) She's one of the contributor for the eeriness of the show. C'mon now, who doesn't think she's creepy and weird? I really like how she gives Kouichi Sakakibara hints on what's Class 3's secret.. smile

Kouichi Sakakibara--> he is brave as hell? would you go to that doll shop when someone told you the dead one might be named as misaki or masaki? :0 And those dolls are creepy.. I'm afraid of those kinds of dolls myself. too much Child's play? :O

Izumi Akazawa--> she is awesome all in all...except the part she went loco on the ending. I feel bad she died.. I really want a KouchixIzumi (Kouzumi? Izuchi? Kouizu?) pairing or NaoyaxIzumi (Naoizu? Oyami?) pairing. whahahahah fangirling~ <3

I'll talk about that later again heart

Naoya Teshigawara--> he seems to be the heartthrob of Class 3 or I might be wrong cause I don't see fangirls? Or he might be the bad boy.. whatever it is.. he is hella cute and stupid. xD

Yuuya Mochizuka--> who doesn't fall to this adorable boy? He reminds me of Fuji syusuuke (POT) biggrin D and hani sempai (OHSHC) combined. He is the sweetest thing ever and he even has a crush on Mikami-sensei. A little bad boy eh? xD

Keiko Numata--> oh man that's what I call MENTAL BREAKDOWN! Just go psycho and kill everybody. XD She is nuts but hey that's the sole purpose of that curse.

Tatsuji Chibiki--> only for a short time that he joined the class,.. well he was the librarian before. I like this guy.. He let go of fear and go on with the mission which is to save the students! KUDOS!

Rei--> this adorable ******** up self-centered bird! HAHAHA


There's a slight KouchixMei -- I'm pretty sure they are like a unofficial canon. They really didn't end up with each other...YET. but what ever happens they are cute together.

KouchixIzumi (Kouchi is a lucky guy lol) I like this pairing cuz they kinda share a little bit of care for each other..well most like Izumi does. Yet she gives him "I'm pissed" look at Kouchi or gets serious with him most of the times. But then she goes joking and tries to show that she cares for him too.. ADORABLE! Too bad though if this pairing does came true it will be at the underworld. sweatdrop crying

NaoyaxIzumi -- who doesn't like love-hate relationship? This is the definition of complementing each other. Friction? Yin yang? There was no care shown just kind of I don't want to hang out with you thing lol. but they're cute so shiiit. lol


TomoyikoxNaoya -- lol childhood FRIENDS? right. lol razz I really like Tomoyiko's statement when he said I know something you don't and Naoya was like what is it. lol perv perv

And that concludes it. :3 I don't want to spoil much of the show.. watch it and you will know how I feel for this!


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