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Name: Tianna
Age: 15
Race: Al Bhed/Spiran

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 100lbs
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Green w/ Al Bhed swirls
Skin: Pale with freckles
Build: Slim, she hasn't quite hit puberty with full force, so her hips and everything are still small and underdeveloped.

Generalization of Self: Quiet and softspoken

Personality: TBA

Bio: Tianna is a water mage.
Tianna was born to a Spiran father and an Al Bhed mother. Her father left before Tianna was born, seemingly deserting her mother around the time that Sin had appeared after the Calm. Her mother was a healer, and in turn taught Tianna a little about the healing arts, though she was more interested in black magic, mainly water. She specializes in water attacks, and is on the road to find her father, if he is still alive.

Undergoing a Physical Revamp Soon
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