If any one hardship that comes immediately to my mind, it has always been about money. I didn't grow up with much and seeing other kids with cool new toys and cool new video games always depressed me as I held on to cheap toys from rummage sales and hand me downs from family's who donated their garbage to poor families like mine. I always asked my parents why the other kids had such nice things, but I never really understood the answer they were giving me. My parents tried their best to buy me and my brothers whatever we wanted, but we always ended up with a cheap alternative. To me it was better than nothing, but my brothers saw it as an insult to their intelligence. Eventually when we left tat trailer, we lived the dream of owning a home. It was so nice having our own home a place that belonged to us. We really were living the American Dream, my brothers had their own rooms, my dad had his own business and we had the convenience of being able to walk to school instead of relying on a bus. But that didn't last long, we lost the house. A place that was ours, our home, was taken away from us. We stayed in the neighborhood but are limited to renting a small house. My dad couldn't keep up his landscaping business, my mom has to work two jobs, and my brothers didn't even care. They continued on as if nothing ever changed, that really pissed me off. We're still living in that house, my brother has a job after spending a year in college and wasting precious government funds on essentially useless information he doesn't even need. My family still has trouble paying rent, utilities, and gas. Life is paycheck to paycheck, and what little luxuries we have is because my brother uses his money to buy games and other s*** instead of helping with the rent. I don't even know if I want to go to an expensive college anymore despite all the scholarships and loans I am eligible for. Sometimes I just don't know anymore. All I know is, I have to keep working hard.