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This is also going to act as a basic template for other RPs
Profile for Unsettling City rp / Template

Username: LoChi Syor
Character Name: Jay/ Gale <<Think birds>>
Age: 23 years of age

Jay= 5'3"/ 103lbs ((She's supposed to be very dainty, but nimble))
Gale= 5'8"/ 115lbs ((She's supposed to be thin, agile, and intimidating))

Race: Doppelganger ((Basically, a Fae)) who happens to suffer from DID

Appearance: Jay/Gale's appearances in terms of who is in control at that moment

Home: They don't really have a set home because they're always traveling

Both= She's a Doppelganger, so she has the ability to change her appearance, but it's only between either Jay or Gale. She also has the ability to manipulate metal on her immediate person ((stuff she's holding or wearing, which really comes in handy for Jay when she's fighting.))
Jay= Expert Martial Artist, favoring to use a combination of kickboxing and TaiChi / Seductress ((She can get really flirty sometimes [Mostly depending on my present mood])) / Expert Baker and SweetsMaker
Gale= Expert Hunter and Tracker/ Master Bladeswoman / Expert Cook/Chef

Personality: Jay/Gale suffers from DID ((Spilt Personalities)) so it might get confusing at times
Jay= One of the strangest people they know. People always say I am super friendly and bubbly, though sometimes people get really mad at me and call me childish ((And don't forget that you're Bipolar as well, throwing tantrums one minute and sobbing into a tub of ice cream the next.)) and I love everyone!! Some people think that I'm not very smart.... I'm more or less one of those people who live by the Golden Rule. I treat you well if you treat me well. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you ^-^ ((In her Serious Mode, Jay becomes a sadistic monster. She loves to "toy with her food", as the saying goes. She does only enough damage to hurt at first and dashes off, slowly hitting harder and harder each time she comes back around until her opponent collapses and that's when the fun really begins. I can't say more because then it wouldn't be any fun >3 )) tl;dr> She's the insane one of the two
Gale= ....... ((She doesn't like talking about herself, so I guess I will... Gale is pretty much a loner, the exact opposite of Jay. She tends to keep to herself, only interacting with people when she needs to, i.e. job related. She's a really isolated person because of her job. She's learned that she can't get close to anyone because she never knows if they're after her or not. It's also because she's really, really shy. Not the "hide my face from someone" shy, the "I'm going to avoid talking to you until you put me on the spot, but even then, I'll avoid you until I'm more comfortable with you" shy
Gale can get really aggressive and mean at times, even when someone is trying to be nice to her. She's a very.... "Get in your face" kind of person when you've really pissed her off. She's also really stubborn and obstinate so she can get really confrontational... tl;dr> To put it simply, Gale is the "shell of the crab" out of the two of them, and will get aggressive if she needs to))

History: Not much is known about this strange creature. All that is known is that she travels from place to place, taking all sorts of odd jobs in exchange for food for her travels and shelter for the night. All she carries is the food she receives, but nothing else. No one knows where she goes, or how she keeps safe from the weather. Sometimes she appears as a cheerful young lady who loves to interact with others. Other times, she appears as a cold beast, unapproachable by even the bravest of men. Many bounty hunters have come to town, telling of mysterious women taking down entire gangs singlehandedly on multiple occasions. They all tell different stories, but every story carries one identical detail: Blue eyes so deep that one could fall forever in them, never to be seen again, that sometimes become so hotly red and ferocious that even the Daemons have shrunk before their gaze.

Miscellaneous (if applicable): They both really like sweets. Jay is more open to her "obsession" of digestible materials of the sugary kind. Gale tends to hide her love of sweets. She's more of the kind of person who will walk into a bakery or cafe pretending she's lost and then act like she might as well stay for something sweet. It looks really funny watching Gale eat sweets because you'd never guess that she would, based on her mannerisms. Gale and Jay both agree that they want to open a Bakery / Cafe / Restaurant where they can make anything they want.

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Cilia Whitewater
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