I can't get my avi's story out of my head, so her it is.

Her name was Caroline, though all the guys called her Car. She was born on the ship, the sea was a piece of her. She couldn't remember the last time she set foot on land, though she knew it had happened before.

Perhaps we should return to the beginning. There was a man who was captain of a grand ship. He sailed great distances and met a multitude of wonderful people. Along his travels he met a beautiful woman. She joined the ship and grew quite close with the captain. One morning she awoke only to find herself ill. She was bedridden, forbidden from leaving her quarters to go about the days. She became weaker and weaker as meals grew few and far between. Still she did not get better, and the captain stopped visiting. He thought she would surely perish in the night. One morning he was awoken by the pained screams of a woman and he ran to her room. As he entered he found the woman lying in her own blood and he ran to fetch the ship's medicine man. The man pronounced her dead and ordered a proper sea burial later that day. As the captain and medicine man began to clean the room and prepare the woman for her burial they noticed a very faint whimpering. It was a young girl. A baby still held to her mother.

This baby was named Caroline after her mother and was raised by all the men of the ship. Whenever they went on land for treasure they always made sure to bring something special for her, whether it be clothes, a comb, even a doll if they could find it. Caroline would never forget her thirteenth birthday. Her father went to the shore of a small land mass they were passing by. When he returned, all he had was a red hair ribbon and a pair of red shoes that were the perfect size for young Caroline. He pulled her from the ship while all of the men remained behind preparing for the voyage ahead. Caroline walked with her father a long distance until she grew weary and fell asleep in his arms. He carried her into a small cottage and lay her down on a soft blanket. Even in her exhausted stupor she could hear his words.
"I love you as far as the waters go, I always will, and I promise one day I will come back for you. I have to leave you here to grow, it is safe here. The sea is no place for a young woman. I will return in a few years time."
He left without a trace and as Caroline awoke in the morning, tears streaming from her eyes, she could see the ship sailing away in the distance.

Caroline is now seventeen years old. She retains a sweet youthful innocence only a child can have. She waits for her father. She has hope he will return. Her prized possessions are her bright red shoes, which she keeps sparkling clean as she waits, and her growing tired hair ribbon. She fears if she changes her father will come and go without a trace and not recognize her. She will not be left behind again.
Her dress may change, but forever will she wait in those red shoes, waiting for the return of the ship to the docks, so she can run to the ship and return to her father's arms, and to the depths of the sea. To her home.