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Paper Dollhouse
Rants, insights, avatar art, pixel art and various other things that interest me. I'll also post BJD reviews as well as Lolita clothing reviews, from time to time.
Misc. OCs
Name: Galaida (last name unknown?)
Codename: Starfire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: Ice blue eyes, mohawk that's bleached white (usually left down, as a deathhawk), both eyebrows are pierced and she has sleeve tattoos. She has slight bags under her eyes and often wears goggles on top of her head. She's of average height and has a lithe, athletic build.
Personality: She has a dry, witty sense of humor.. but few people get to see it, since she's usually serious and to the point. She follows her own moral compass, which usually lands her in trouble with the law in some way or another, though the crimes she commits are always for a just cause. She understands that in order to save lives, sometimes you have to take them.. So why not have fun doing it?
Favorite Colors: Dark purple and dark blue
Skills: Hacking, lockpicking, trap disarming, observation, deception/lying, stealth.
Weapons: SMG, dual-wielded pistols, sniper rifle.
Fandoms Used In: Fallout, Shadowrun, Wasteland 2, Alien.
Avi References:
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Name: Elaine Sartini
Nickname: Lainey
Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Criminal profiler
Appearance: She has turquoise eyes and a brown a-line. She wears light makeup, usually earth toned eyeshadow and no lipstick. She has light freckles on her cheeks and across her nose, but nowhere else. She's a littler shorter than average height and small-framed, with barely any curves (when she was going to the academy, people placed bets on how soon she would fail.) When on duty she wears well-fitted and reserved-looking suits.. when off-duty she wears feminine, youthful looking clothes (additional references coming soon.)
Personality: She's an eternal optimist and believes everyone deserves a second chance. She has a high affinity for empathy, and as such is able to connect with people from all backgrounds. Her empathy is what led her down her current career path, and ultimately also what leads to most of the trouble she finds herself in. Despite all the horrible things she'd been witness to she still retains some measure of her innocence, which is usually what serves to save her from some seemingly heartless individuals.
Favorite Colors: Peach, cream and grey
Skills: Empathy, high speech skills, computer usage, lockpicking, observation.
Weapons: At first barely able to handle a pistol, then eventually learning to dual-wield them.
Fandoms Used In: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs, SAW, Dexter.
Avi References:
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Paper Mache Dollfie
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