Warning: Contains strong language

Rose: I may have a last resort... but you’re not gonna like it... s**t, IM not gonna like it..

-Door bell rings-

Morgan opens it: What the hell-
Morgan pulls out gun: what the hell are you doing here? How did you know where I live?

Rose puts hands up in surrender: woah hey, easy. I didn’t come here to fight, I was asking for that... favor.. you had offered?

Morgan frowns: like hell you are here for that s**t. I don’t work with your kind! Now ******** off my property or I’ll-

Charlie: hunny? Who’s at the door?

Morgan: no one important babe, go back to your game.

Rose: please.. Miyuki is badly injured, you’re the only one I know who can help her.

Morgan: why not go to your fox friend?

Rose: ... well we.. she kinda..

Morgan: you killed her!

Rose: what? No! She hasn’t been answering my calls, last time I spoke to her we had a fall out..

Morgan scoffs: why aren’t I surprised.

Rose: look that isn’t the point or the reason why I’m here, please she’s bleeding out..

Charlie: Hun, why are you taking so long- Oh? Hello!

Rose sheepish: Hi?..

Morgan: I told you to go back to the living room-

Charlie: Why are they still outside hun? Look at them!

Rose carrying miyuki, she was clearly uncomfortable, both bruised and bloody

Morgan: They work for the enemy, why should I help them?

Charlie: I don’t care who they work for they are kids!! And one is bleeding out on my front porch!

Morgan: but!

Charlie: you became a police officer to save people! If you’re not going to help, then out!

Morgan stares at Charlie anger kept at bay, but Charlie challenges Morgan to do something and face some a** whooping.

Morgan sighed and cursed under her breath, giving in, and opening the door wider.

Morgan: there’s a spare room across the hall, I’ll get the medical supply kit.

Charlie: Now kids come inside we’ll get you nice and fixed up, hurry now before the neighbors get nosy!