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My InNeR ThoUgHtS
a little bit about me and my life..
I thought Friendship was True
Did you ever have that ONE special close friend that you could tell about almost anything to? Well I did. Though we did have different opinions about difficult situations..we always seemed to agree about it in the end. Knowing each other since 8th grade. But really never got to hang out until freshmon year. Talking about life, our fave anime characters, sharing our crappy drawings with each other. Calling each others moms..."mom" or "madre" The bestfriend you could ever ask for. Sure she did things that irritated you, but you let it slide because she was too much of a good friend to get mad at. We all change over the course of years. Everyone changes, you may not want to, but it just happens. So even if it is the smallest change where no one can notice it. Or its the change that makes a big IMPACT on you and others around you. You know that, no matter what your bestfriend will be there for you, through the best of times and the worst of times. The long life deeds ones friendship can lead to teh plannings of becoming roomates with one other close friend. Just thinking about how awesome it's gonna be. Then "he" comes into their lives. You become their friend and get to know them not to mention date the older brother, the parents come to love you and accept you over at anytime. Everything is running smoothely until one plans on messing that relationship that they've formed with that boyfriend. You know this is wrong and he knows that people have been talking about it behind his back until he finally comes to realize that it's true. You promised your bestfriend that you wouldn't say anything about what they've been talking about behind his back. You -sigh- and promise and next you thing you know, your getting a phone call form the boyfriend. You panic and just take a deep breath, you answer. He asks if its true what others have been saying. He just wants to know the truth, because he doesnt want to be going on going out with a girl that lies and talks shyt about him. I tell him but feel bad about it, thought I know it's teh right thing to do. The girlfriend calls(aka the bestfreind) you know what she is going to ask and question so you know better than to answer. Your gonna have to face it sooner or later, so you call them back and talk it out tell them it was wrong and you know that he cares for you adn you care fro him. Talking shyt about that special person won't get you anywhere except to get inline for the next rebound count. Soon after everythng is worked out.. couple fights here and there over the lame stuff.. but honestly what couple doesnt fight over stuff like that. School has started, they've been together for 2 months already. Your happy for them, but you know that your bestfriend can't talk shyt about her boyfriend infront of you. Neither can she trust you. Sure those are somethings that your S.O.L of.. but life goes on. Everything is fine between you and the happy couple no more fights or drama to worry about. Until finally..3 more months have passed and then you find out fights have gotten worse between them, jealous has started to build up between them. And the boyfriend has been talking shyt about "you" the bestfriend to the girlfriend. Your shocked and amazed but its to be expected, You have no clue what you've done to be disliked except for try and help that person in the time of need. So thats the thanks you get. Then soon you don't care anymore, you don't like them either, not much to know that they were even liked in the first place. Because he complained about things that are supposed to be kept between couples. He finally breaks up with her, she depressed, then a couple days later she says she over it and talks all those shyt about him..YET she is trying to be good friends with him again. Your confused and pissed, knowing that she and him are already two-faced but this takes the cake. Halloween has strolled around the corner and you plan to hang out. But guess whos gonna be at the arcade? the boyfriend. We already know that hes going out with someone at the moment, but accordinaly his feelings are..FAKE. Tells the girlfriend that he plans on breaking up with her at her house after he leaves from the arcade. Couple days later after that night your at lunch just standing there with other friends talking about how crappy our classes were and what our plans are for this weekend. Boyfriend shows up and pushes Andre one of my good guy friends that is currently going out with Krystal. One of my other bestfriends to me and the girlfriend. The boyfriend says he knows that we've been talking shyt about him and hes come to beat, Andre's, Trent's and Conda's a**. We were all like.. "WTF!?" Are you kididng me? Trent get's in Casey's face and tells him to Please leave. Casey.. as stubborn as a kentucky person is says no. I've come to beat your asses. i -sighs- yell at casey telling him to away cuz andrea(the girlfriend) talks shyt too, we're not the only ones. We tell him to go find her. they dont find her, we leave and go to German like always. Andrea and Casey show up trying to confront me, because I said that Trent and Conda would beat Casey's a**.. if kept talking shyt of started something. I never said that they would, I would be the one to handle him, conda and trent would be there to back me up. thats it. Made a big deal andrea kept geting in my face saying i said that and you made it that way.. and on and on. Conda finally stepped up said that she was wrong and its wrong of us to say shyt infront of her when we know that she is gonna run back to casey and tell him anyways. So he said that Andrea and I were both in the wrong and that you guys know better now. Andrea is quiet and leaves with casey. I'm relieved. But everyone knew that this was going to be the last time we talk to Andrea and Casey, especially Andrea. She blew it. Now, we havent talked to Andrea for 2 weeks already. but she's been telling everyone that I started it and krystal as well.. that really pisses me off. Because all she likes to do is cause drama. this is what she told her close friends. She basically summed it up as, we dont know her as well as casey does, though shes known him only for 1 year. Known us waaaay longer. He's more mighty, we're less important and all this stuff. I told her in a poem like this.
i know your fake all too well,
so quit trying to put us though hell,
you say this.
you say that,
Thats not how your supposed to act,
you made us go through the best and worst of times,
you treated some friends like shyt,
when they were the ones you could only turn to,
we know you well,
so you cant say we dont,
cuz you know we do,
you just like to make him sound more mighty than us,
you said we right,
you didnt want to admit,
now your turning your back,
and not willing to commit,
you've changed too much,
and no its not for the best,
we want the old you back instead,
he hasnt known you longer than we have,
so even though you love us this maybe true,
so why dont you apolagize so we will stop hating you.

I thought everything was fine,
Everything perfect in this world of mine,
Blocking out things that made me upset,
That made me feel depressed,
It only seems to happen when you cause a problem,
Your lies and trouble-making has come to an end,
Your all alone now,
Now you will know how the pain feels,
Having someone close that you cared for,
Will seem to be there no more,
Your world could've been perfect,
If only, if only,
But now our puriy will never reach you,
You've put a barrier around yourself,
To keep out what is most important,
So in the end the true bad guy was you,
Never the ones who wanted to make things right,
Set them straight so no would get hurt,
You care too much for someone else,
and want others to take the blame,
So I want to know,
Whos the bad friend now?

Your personality makes me sick,
I'm sick of seeing you,
That special so called person,
that you cant seem to get over,
I still love you this maybe true,
but get over it and him too,
you've changed alot,
though you don't see it,
others realize it very quickly,
you were better off the way you were,
this change isnt for the better,
we all want the old you back,
your starting to remind us of someone,
someone that doesnt need their name said,
bcuz you'll get defensive,
when we are only telling the truth,
stick to what you do best,
cuz the only friends you thought you had,
are gone and mad,
telling you how we feel wont make a difference,
so understand this,
not wanting to change you,
well yet again,
but we want the old you back,
cuz this new one is driving us insane.

She's with Casey now, forever drifted herself away from us making her situation with him more difficult. Putting boyfriend before true friends.

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Me and Andrea

fears and lies melt away
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fears and lies melt away
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  • User Comments: [4]
    Yikes! Sorry that happened! sad It's so weird how friendships can die so easily because of a boy. <hug>

    comment ShortDea · Community Member · Mon Nov 13, 2006 @ 02:58am
    Rawr. Boys always make things more complicated. >.< This is why I am dating a girl.

    I hate how boyfriends change people. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

    Why can't people see that if you have to change who you are to be with someone else then it's not worth it? Your boyfriend/girlfriend should be the one you can act yourself around, they should be someone that gets along with all of your friends, they should be someone that fits into your group.

    Gods, people are stupid. >.<

    I hope your friend...ex-friend?...realizes what she's done and comes to terms with her actions. I hopes she learns from all of this and becomes a better person.
    If not...well, then she wasn't deserving of your friendship anyways.

    Wizard's first rule: people are stupid. ~Terry Goodkind.

    comment [Snow Fox] · Community Member · Tue Nov 14, 2006 @ 07:05pm

    That sucks out loud! I hate it when people do that. The poem was really well written and sincere by the way, not that my complements help...

    comment Kai-chii · Community Member · Thu Nov 16, 2006 @ 02:46am
    Harsh. . . Wow.

    I had SoMeThInG like that happen to me. My very first, and only friend at the time, was convinced by her week old boyfriend that I was a piece of s**t and needed to be dumped on the side of the road and left to rot. And that's what she did. I couldn't beleive it.

    The ones that stay will make the ones that don't mean almost nothing in the long run.

    comment Nearly__Naked · Community Member · Sat Nov 18, 2006 @ 02:13am
    User Comments: [4]

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