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DF's Journal of Random Ramblings
like the title says, random ramblings.
Haven't wrote in here for a while, but.... sweatdrop anime punch 07, WE SO ROCKED ARMAGEDDICON II! We ( [ alice the doll ], pyrokinetic_tangerine, and myself) so started the official unofficial dance off of armageddicon II!, In the main loby no less!
and it all started with four words from Alice, "Is that a challange?" and I totally did a flip off of some guy dressed as Gaara (dude, if your out there, pm me) which is weird casue i usually don't trust ppl to pick me up. Must've been cause he was dressed like Gaara.

We went.
We rocked.
We left our mark.
Armageddicon II, baby! WOOT!

Okay!, now, having more time and not having a brother standing over my shoulder, I'm going to write more about our kadazzling time at Armageddicon whee

hmmmm where to start. Ah how about our neighbors. Yes our hotel room neighbor. (we had a conjoining room) Lets review what we learned from them.
>Banging the tune of songs on a wall can entertain for quite a while
>Slidding paper notes under a door is very fun.
>Attaching a piece of pepperoni to said note is even funner.
>Hotel pens are not qualified to draw on meat (said pepperoni)
>Make sure to announciate when yelling 'O.H.' for your neighbors may mishear you and yell back 'No! You go away!' instead of the traditional 'I.O."

Lets see, what else. The video game room!
>Okay, you know you suck at ddr when like a 9 yr old girl scores higher on expert then you did on easy.
>Leather clad guys and guitar hero don't mix well.
>However bad I may be, guitar hero is still fun.
>ditto for ddr
>conventions are one place where you don't recieve strange glances for knowing the words to ddr songs.

Now for the costumes!
>okay, anyone dressed as sephi is automatacally awesome.
> singing sandman whenever you see someone dressed as Gaara is very amusing.
>again, leather clad guys, just no.
>When you keep seeing an old man through out the day, and each time he has a different skirt/dress based costume on, run before he recognizes your friends costume.
>If you film Howl, Howl will act the part.

now for random tidbits o info.
>Sound off is a great game.
>Sploosh is the best sound effect ever.
>Singing while walking to a nearby McDonalds is fun, and so are the strange glances you recieve (Oh, btw, I went as an ANBU)
>You can always tell who is a new employee at the surrounding McDonalds/Subway, because they've obviously never seen cosplayers before.
>Last but not least...........

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    commentCommented on: Thu Apr 12, 2007 @ 07:56pm
    Yes we did go
    We did Rock
    And we left our mark. whee

    You. Me. Dance Off. Now.

    commentCommented on: Sat May 05, 2007 @ 10:32pm
    We totally rocked, sry i didn't film the awesomeness that you began and ended... at, what was it... one in the morning??? Te he, can't wait for your b-day party tonight, can't wait!!!!!!!!! mrgreen

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