Moo. What would a cow do on a boring day like this? The cow looked at the bubbles on the little piece of paper that might as well pass for food. Pencil in hand, the cow made deep impressions into the paper with the number 2 pencil that was clutched in its hoof (which is quite for painful for a cow to do) that supposedly was decided by the intellect of the little brain that had done mostly only primitive actions until this day. Questions like: "What is the MEANING of these camera directions, or what is the author trying to tell you in the short poem "Life Sucks" gave a direct blow to the little troubled mind of the cow. Moo. Moo. Moo. The mind of the cow only twisted more after met with the foreign schedule that the place that was supposed to enhance its knowledge gave the cow that day, with three long classes and the lunch and break put in between the mess, it was quite tiring. Moo. The cow wanted to sleep, but the deep interest in the blades of grass that grew before her was enough fuel to keep her going for the rest of the day. [M-O-O] the cow typed into her computer and quickly went to do more activities that wracked at its little mind for the rest of the day.