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Climate Crisis
For all who really don't care or don't know, we're in a Climate Crisis or Global Warning.

You're probably asking yourselves: "Who cares?" or saying: "It doesn't concern us." but in the long run it concerns us all. Everyone, from China, to England, to New York, to Africa, and the rest of the world. It concerns every living, breathing soul on this Earth.

Most people have been saying that this is natural, that the Earth will fix itself. Boy they've been saying that for almost 50 years now, haven't they? And things have gotten worse since then. Just because we're 100x smaller than the planet itself doesn't mean we don't make changes to it, that we don't alter it in some ways, because we do, we change it everyday without realizing it, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. But people say it, they just sit there until it happens and you know what happens next? They ask God why it happened, why so many people died, where was the love then? If we took the time to actually help when we can as much as we ask God why things happened, I believe this Earth would be heading in the right direction.

Here's only half of what is happening and will continue to happen until we put the effort into fixing this World-Wide problem that concerns us all:

Antarctica and Greenland are melting. Believe it or not. And its due to the CO2 in the air, pollution in the air from old factories, automobile gases, oils that are being used in the auto industry, and massive wild fires.

Polar Bears who swim over 60 miles in the water will lose their homes when they grow exhausted from their trips. What would happen if Antarctica was gone? They would drowned. They would die from exhaustion. Soon to be extinct animals. Coral, the underwater forest, will soon go extinct as well if these things aren't changed. Along with crabs, star fish, and other ocean life creatures will all perish if this continues.

Bugs which had a limit time to where they could go no longer seem restricted by those means of limits anymore, in colder places which at one point was so cold they couldn't survive has changed dramatically. Due to pollution of CO2 places like the Himalayas are slowly melting and that allows those bugs to infest there, no longer bonded by those limits they once had. Trees are affected as well by this mass of pollution. Again bugs are eating away at them and killing them off rapidly, I'm sure you can only imagine what will happen next.

Did you know that some states and countries have broken heat records in the last 10 years? In Africa they sported off a 120 degree day that killed over 1400 people. In the US the temperatures are slowing rising past 100 degrees, just think how hot it'll be this Summer.

Everyone knows that with warmer waters and hotter winds cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons become stronger. But what they don't know is that CO2 is the cause for everything getting warmer. Don't believe me?

Read on.

A small barrier, if you will, is located around the earth, with the factories and other things that give CO2 off, makes the thin barrier a lot thicker, trapping the heat from the sun from escaping like it naturally has for many years. And that's where Greenland and Antarctica come in, the suns beams are bouncing off of those ice land masses like mirrors, you can only guess the heat that is constantly exposed on them, and that's causing them to melt.

Still don't understand why CO2 is so bad yet?

If one half of Antarctica or Greenland were to melt do you know what would happen?

Sea level would rise up.

I guess now you're thinking: "Okay... So?"

The Netherlands, New York, Florida, California, Africa, Japan and other countries for that matter would be flooded. Hundreds, thousands, millions, or even billions of people would die from this. Still doesn't sound all that intimidating? The 911 memorial in New York, which has helped many people in the past, would be completely under water as the sea level rises.

Remember that's only half of either Antarctica or Greenland. What would happen if the whole frozen land mass of Greenland melted? Sea level wouldn't just rise, oh no, it would double maybe even triple up probably taken most of the states or countries that are closet to water with it.

I'm not asking for much. But if we continue to give off that same damn excuse about the Earth will fix itself and than turn around when it happens and ask God why then we're a pathetic lot now aren't we?

People have changed the history of the world many times; by signing Peace Treaties, by fighting in wars for OUR sakes, by dying for OUR sakes, by saving wild animals that are going extinct right this minute, and just when we get the opportunity to possibly do something that might save millions of people as many other before us have.. we're just going to sit and let it happen and than ask why.

I don't know about anyone else but I don't want another 9/11. We're given the chance to do something that we didn't have when that day came, that day when those people we're killed. We didn't have the choice to change what had occurred, but we're given a chance to change what might be the biggest tragedy yet.

Are we going to just sit back and watch it happen? And than ask God why?

I'd like to think that there is a certain amount of people who'd like to change the future of their daughters and sons lives and the lives of all the animals world-wide. I'd like to think that for all those who had died in 9/11, for all the polar bears that will die or drown if there is no longer ice for them to rest on, for all the trees and plants that will die, and the people who WILL die if things are not changed soon, I'd like to think that we're capable of saying: "I'm going to help make this place better not only for myself but for my children and grandchildren." I'd like to think that we're capable of compassion, inspiration, and especially the will and effort that is not only good for you but for others around you.

If you think this is something that will go away and not affect anyone you are wrong, it will and it does, it affects people and animals and the environment, trees and wildlife. It will and has caused more insects to come back and to come to places where they normally do not habitat. The bugs are killing the trees and causing the plants around us to die as well. Diseases that were no longer a threat are becoming a larger threat again. There are many problems and if you care about your family and your future as well as their future you should read all you can on this subject no matter how little you do, its at least an effort to make things better for all of those we care about.

Go to http://www.climatecrisis.net/ or watch The Inconvenient Truth.

See what you can do and maybe we can stop another tragedy from happening once more.

Forward this message onwards, allow people you care about and the people they care about read what's happening at this very moment. Carry this message forward, tell your neighbors, your friends, your family. This isn't just going to go away, this is a problem WE created and it's a problem that WE'LL have to fix ourselves.

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