Black Rainbow

Magical Turquoise
Determine Shrine Guardian
Butter Milk is Bad for Cats
Brilliant Eclipse
Obsessive Imagination
Nine Lives to Endure
E's Sketchbook
Daring Dollhouse Demon

Electric Blue:

Nom Nom Chomp
HardHeartbreak Zeal
Reve Martin
Death Valley Squadron
Corrupted Mine Mine Mine
Arrogant Mine Mine Mine
Deep Blue Sea
La Gargouille

Meido Cafe
Butler Maid for

Viridescent Eclipse
Clover Culture
Mastery of Songxi
Melon Cream
Sweetly Lime
Melon Pop
Froggy March
Haphazardly Clownin' Around

Eurydice's Vaporescence
Mini Diedrich Angel Wings
Diamond Venom
Nom Nom Snarl
Toxic Marionette Restrung
Princess of the Poisonous
Minimal Toxic
Errant Thrall
Sour Godina
Gutsy Adoration
Toxic Always Hungry
Venomous Pumpking
Toxic Shadow Huntress
Irrevent Exorcist
Catty Strut

Melty Game Over
Friendly Wink
Euphoric Messiah Tresses
Melty Gloom Bunny
Melty Rabbitan
Mint Pudding Waitress
Portrait of a Charming Deer
Portrait of a Charming Hare
Taro Milk Tea
Sweet Lady
Newbie Tooth Fairy

Aye Aye Domineer Lassie
Annual Songbird
Spiritual Lady
Forlorn Susie
Dark Omen
Tennin's Wings
Endearing Petit Lapin
Ghasly A in Spades

Purple Hot Pink:
Wollstone's Alleyway Craft
Roaring Swift Shocker
Plum Meido Cafe
Rebellious Bat Connection
Immoral Exorciblings
Blackjack Sharp
Bonbonieru Konpeito
Twisted Love
Oola Tsukino
Mysterious Feline
Wild Sartorial Slay

Bubblegum Adorkable Bea
Sweet Cream Vanilla Buns
Chouko's Sharp Insight
Bubblegum Incandescent hauntrees
Brilliant Glint
Spring Bunny March
Sweet Millennium
Sweet Princeless Princess
Glittering Vivid Lisa Hair
Misleading Exorciblings
Foolishly Crazy For Mew
Renard's Tranquil Flowing Hair
Gutsy Affection
Resolute Queen of Heart
DJ for Cats
Friendly Wink
Charming Majokko Dorobo
Adorable Triplet
Emery Flower
Maho Deco

Dreamy Rosie Idol
Eye Flare Bright
Mystic Bramble Blossoms
Rose Shroud of Rime

Fragrant Platinum Prince
Revolutionary Time Guardian
Rebellious Bat Connection
Blackjack Sharp
Suave Criminal
Raspberry Coffee Cake
Warm Naive Cleric's Twintails
Bunny Raspberry
Raspberry Cat Breath
Raspberry Vanilla Queen of Cups
Chiyome's Curse
Modern Miko
Rosamund's Revenge
Princess's Warm Sultry Locks
Rosa Romance
Gimme Metal
Moria's Hair Extensions
Blessed Chesed
Cherubic Captain
Cherry Flair

Prominent Victorian
Rookie's Pursuit
Ongaku no Yurei
Icy Dark Healer
Chill Demiccubus
Mournful Renaissance
Gleaming Lily
Apprentice Charm
Wintry Spirit Reborn
Holy Sentinel of Light
Bubblegum Incandescent
Astra: Hydrangea Breeze