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Spontaneous fire production (Can create fire from thin air)
Spontaneous ice production (Can create ice from thin air)
Spontaneous lighting production (Can create lighting from thin air)
Spontaneous water production (Can create water from thin air)
Manipulation of fire (Can control and move fire)
Manipulation of ice (Can control and move ice)
Manipulation of lighting (Can control and move lighting)
Manipulation of water (Can control and move water)
Manipulation of earth (Can control and move earth)
Manipulation of air (Can control and move air)
Flower petal blades (Uses the petals from flowers are turned to razor sharp blades)
Flower petal illusions (Surrounds the area in flower petals to cause illusions)
Enhanced speed (Increases the natural speed of the user)
Enhanced strength (Increases the natural strength of the user)
Enhanced intellect (Increased knowledge)
Enhanced focus (Increases the concentration rate of the user)
Enhanced smell (Increased smelling)
Enhanced sight (Increases the sight of the user)
Telepathic (Able to connect to other peoples minds)
Astral Projection (Capable of leaving the physical body leaving to a spiritual body)
Healing & Destruction (Capable of healing or destroying through constant touch)
Spirit manisfistation (Capable of giving spirits a physical shape)
Teleportation (Capable of teleporting whatever is in direct contact of the user)
Illusion (Capable of inducing illusions)
Sound waves (Capable of moving sound waves)
Body alteration (Capable of changing their body mass and density)
Transformation (Capable of changing body mass, shape, density)
Stone body (Capable of turning the body to stone nullifying physical attacks)
Steel body (Capable of turning the body to steel nullifying magic attacks)
Magnetism (Capable of controlling things with magnetic capabilities)
Seduction (Capable of inducing a charm causing the opposite sex to fall in love)
Dead Aim (Capable of firing projects with perfect aim)
Foresight (Capable of seeing slightly into the future)
Body hopping (Capable of exchanging souls with a person through a beam of light)
Regeneration (Rapid healing of the body, vital organs heal slower)
Influence (Capable of influencing people through direct touch)
Psychokinesis (Capable of moving objects with the mind)
Optical illusions (Capable of inflicting illusions that deal with sight)
Taboo (Capable of cursing words, saying the cursed words seals your soul)
Physical absorption (Capable of stealing the physical energy through touch)
Mana absorption (Capable of stealing mana energy through touch)
Copycat (Capable of mimicking the targets movements)
Clones (Capable of cloning user repeatedly dividing the strength in fractions)
Gravity (Capable of increasing the force of gravity and moving it)
Spirit manipulation (Capable of manipulation spirits against or with their will)
Sense blockers (capable of blocking the 5 basic senses when the user is in range)
Soul detection (Capable of detecting souls within a certain range)
Materialization (Capable of materializing objects from no where)
Shadows (Capable of moving through the shadows and manipulating them)
Light (Capable of producing light and short bursts of it)
Mineral absorption (Capable of taking on the traits of the touched mineral)

Teru Tachibanna
Community Member
Teru Tachibanna
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